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  1. Leaving aside the technical we have the moral dilemma should a PB100 give up its silicon life for a Portable....
  2. Actually the same part number according to this but likely different firmware http://mess.redump.net/mess/driver_info/m50753-based_pmu
  3. And of course if I can get this one to start up, I might be back at the Sad Mac code. Remind me why we do this again
  4. Right, after reading further it likely carried different firmware. But if you could pull the code out out of a Portable you might be able to flash it back into a PB 100 PMU. Wait, I’m dreaming again aren’t I ....
  5. interesting read, wonder if the PMU in the PB100 could be substituted...
  6. Does something external to the PMGR initiate that drop ? I guess we need an Evil Genius to reverse engineer that custom chip...
  7. Thanks techknight for the second opinions on the PMGR. I have a dream there is an Indiana Jones warehouse with dusty crates crammed with excess Apple components inventory from when the Portable production line was shut down. And then I woke up screaming. Apart from obvious voltage abuse, do they just have self destructive tendencies?
  8. I knew I should have added the disclaimer "this was a before shot for example use only". But I did screw up my pin numbering on the PMGR chip so the ACTUAL reading on pin 37 is a more healthy (?) 5.17v and from there to the major players (GLUs and VIDEO and edge connectors and Q10/11/12) we do ring out. So at least it appears the roads are open. Now I don't know if it was a trick of the light, but I thought I saw out the corner of my eye a flicker on the power draw from the lab supply at random, sometimes I think up to 400mA. Of course if I stare at it, it doesn't happe
  9. OK, some coffee onboard. Apologies if this is a dumb question but is this schematic to component mapping correct ? I also understand my previous question was backwards now - the PMGR *is* the source...
  10. Thank you! I can't quite figure out the source of the SYS_PWR river - if someone can point me in the right direction I could get some readings there and try a jump wire to the PMGR and see if that wakes it up..?
  11. So P37 always showing 2.75v, when power first connected, during PMGR restart buttons held and after reset. Trying a buzz out is interesting - the schematics for Q10,11,13 appear to show all three legs connected but on my board the middle leg is clipped in each case. No buzz on any pins. I did get a buzz on J21. So not sure if the schematic is "wrong" or I need more coffee...or both. But if I'm getting voltage on that pin, does that mean it doesn't matter ?
  12. I see multiple SYS_PWR on the schematic, like Q10,11,13 but is there a particular one more important?
  13. I have 6.5v going into the board molex from the bench supply. After "resetting" PMGR On the PMGR P57 2.74v (A/D_FILTER), P57(PMGR_PWM) 0v Back at the Hybrid P62 (A/D) 2.74v P39(HICHG) 0v P25(BATTSENSE) 6.49v P19(CHRG_ON) 5.15v P41 6.43v P8 2.99v P11 5.20v
  14. Until I can get a PMGR chip to test, maybe it's a good idea to post the current sit rep and see if something jumps out at somebody So, applying 6.5V to the on board molex (both +ve and -ve connected), no extra peripherals, just speaker and keybd. No sound from speaker and initial current draw is tiny 5mA which fades to zero in a few seconds. Pressing both RST and NMI displays again small 5mA draw which reverts to zero when buttons released. No startup from keyboard, no sound from speaker. With power still applied to the board, I get the following voltage readings .
  15. Well here’s the before pic of the PMGR and VIA and they don’t look obviously eroded by capacitor venom. Pulled both and cleaned up the pads, no eaten tracks under the chips so I fear I have reached a temporary hiatus until I can try another PMGR. Oh well, Color Classic time...
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