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  1. I have run the Troubleshooter and tried different versions of the software with none working. They all say they can't detect the card.
  2. I have been fighting with this for hours and decided to finally just make a post and see if anyone has ideas. I recently acquired a MacCon SE/30 ethernet card. Upon installing it in my SE/30, the EtherTalk installer does not recognize it as an option. The MacCon's green light is steady on when the SE/30 is powered on. I've tried reinstalling System 7 and re-seating the card a few times with no resolution in sight.
  3. Hello! Recently, I found the little gear in my Macintosh SE's (800k) floppy drive broke and I set out to replace it. Upon receiving the replacement gears from Shapeways yesterday, I installed the new one without issue. I then buttoned the floppy drive back up, and it seemed to work. Upon putting the SE back together, the floppy drive would not respond. I took the SE back apart and was able to get the floppy to respond and eject but it would not recognize a disk any longer. Not knowing where things went wrong, I took apart the floppy drive and greased it up and cleaned the head desp
  4. From reading around and seeing prior issues, this would appear to be a Vertical IC failure. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hi, I recently followed the Color Classic analog board recap guide here: https://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-cc-analog/ Upon doing it, my CRT screen only shows this: Anyone have ideas? This is disheartening to see, especially considering it worked pre-recap. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
  6. I don't know if I had but I did follow some tutorial. Either way, my issue was related to a firmware issue with the SCSI2SD. The creator sent me a firmware file that ended up fixing it. Word of caution though, the creator does not seem to like you emailing him with issues.
  7. Hello! I tried googling this issue to no resolution so I thought I may give you fine folks a shot. I am in the process of restoring a Color Classic I acquired about a month ago. It was quite a steal at $80, but has given me headaches that I'm still in the process of fixing. I have already recapped the logic board, and the analog board is next. The internal edge connector has also been replaced, as has the floppy drive. The last lingering issue is the CRT has color issues. I thought it was a degauss issue but it appears to be more likely the analog board after a thorough degaussing.
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