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  1. Is there a working PRAM battery in it? The test cd for the G3 is a live OS 8. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-mactest-pro
  2. The scsi2sd has termination that can be enabled or disabled in software. I’ve seen it cause issues and I’ve seen it not. If the intent is to have an internal drive then no problem but if you don’t it could cause problems.
  3. Those resister packs judging by their location are internal termination, this was common to see on early SCSI cards and would be installed if you were not using an internal drive.
  4. Reset the PRAM. I had to do this three times in a row to get one of these working again, somehow it had become terribly corrupted. I would also highly recommend completely disassembling it and throughly cleaning out dust as that can make connections for stuff like ram less than ideal and that can cause crashes. Simply trying to reseat stuff doesn’t always work because of the dust.
  5. There was a Darwin project that brought support to the internal floppy drive of the Beige G3 in OS X. I could find the original page but the links are broken and couldn't retrieve them from the wayback machine. Does anybody happen to have this software or know where it can be found? http://www.darwin-development.org/floppy/
  6. I have the zif upgrade as well and no power cable. Did you ever figure it out?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I pulled out the plastic arms and discovered it had actually worked its way out just enough as to not engage the switch. I should remember by now to check the simplest possibilities first.
  8. I think the rest button on my SE/30 may have gone bad. Does anyone know a part number for it if I end up having to solace it? I hope a solder joint has just come loose.
  9. I have a type C motherboard with a Rom-inator II and I’ve had no issue.
  10. I've tried opening the instructions to make one with several different versions of MacDraw II and can't get it to open. Anyone else have any luck? This is from the download on Macintosh Garden.
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