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  1. On the preconfigured disk-image the password macipgw is not working for sudo.
  2. According to this http://www.applefool.com/se30/#afpnetwork you need AppleShare Work Station 3.5.
  3. Besides the Apple Adjustable Keyboard did any third party ever make an ADB keyboard without the number pad?
  4. The hard disk is a chokepoint on that machine, I remember upgrading mine with the old drive from my 6100 that I had in the 90's and noticed a noticeable speed improvement (it still has that disk in it.) I even ran 7.5 on it just because and it performed just fine except not having much ram for anything more. At that time I was running GreyShare on it so I wasn't too concerned with that. Anyway, if you really want to run system 7 a faster disk will help. Something else you can consider is disabling some un-needed extensions.
  5. Is AppleTalk turned on on the mini in the network control panel for whatever interface it’s connected to the network with?
  6. Kinda, the goal is to get it all in the case. I already ran it with all cards to see what the voltages were like to be sure everything was stable. I’m thinking of getting a MacEffects case as well since the parts machine that I discovered the grey scale card in only issue was a very beat up case but we’ll see, I need to re-cap that board to see if the resolves it’s scsi issue.
  7. After some more searching there was this for the IIsi made by Supermac but to my knowledge no-one ever reverse engineered it. @nickpunt beat me to it.
  8. @sgollnitz I was just looking for one recently and current making a proof of concept with some prefboard and jumper wire because Im going to try and run a Bole MacCon, Radius IIsi Pivot and a Micron Exceed that I just got but its just going to be a riser. Ive never seen a two connection card only a passthrough with a cache slot for accelerators. Is that what you're looking for?
  9. Did some more testing today. With the card not installed I disabled the cache in the control panel and then restated with the card installed. It then booted fine but the system would still freeze after running for a while or sometimes crash at warm boot with different bus errors. I tried removing the FPU and that caused no change. It is safe to say that this card is the culprit and I have contacted the seller. The onboard cache obviously has some issues and probably so does the CPU, unfortunately it is a QFP package so I can't do a simple swap to see if the fully confirm that the CPU is bad.
  10. @joshc With everything installed the 5V rail at the floppy port is 4.91V which I think is well above the low which is iirc 4.6? The 12V rail is holding steady at 12.41V. I ran Specter VR in demo mode to put a load on video and CPU.
  11. After I posted this and playing Specter VR and a few other games and trying to run a ram disk that I use for website cache I was getting some bus errors from various INTs and programs. I’m going to check voltages later today when I’m back home but I’m starting to think the accelerator may be the culprit.
  12. Phone net and there was an active line on the two wires that it uses? Just a guess, that is 48v and can spike to 90v. I almost killed a IIvx as a kid, it smoked the adapter.
  13. Well, Rominator II absent no change, Pivot IIsi absent no change. All while running 7.1 it still froze when trying to load the extension during start up or if I tried loading it if I booted with it not in the system folder once I got to the finder. Just finished putting it all back in and running benchmarks in 7.6.1 it is using the accelerator by default when installed with no control panel installed based on multiple test results showing nearly double the scores in CPU tests with it in the machine. The card is a Daystar Power Cache P34 with a QFP CPU running at 33mhz
  14. @mactjaap @Cory5412 thank you for the help. Yeah got a Duo 2300c system 9.1, and a Portable with system 7.1 both onto the web to various degree last week.
  15. For months it’s been running with everything but the accelerator with no issues. In 7.6.1 it reports the accelerator as the active processor in Tattletech and in Speed Test. However I can’t use any of the three control panels. I think I may have two issues one, 7.6.1 doesn’t need the extension and everything I’ve read so far only talks about working with 7.5.5 and/or the control panel is incompatible with the rom. I will know later today when I get home. I may also try moving it up in the boot sequence before totally taking it apart. @joshc the power supply wires and plug are new. Whe
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