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  1. Thanks for the help and ideas.

    The chip itself looks 'fine' and I see no evidence of lifting around the chip or the chips socket (which I assume is what you're referring to).  However, the board itself around the two replaced caps left of the sound chip look suspicious.

    If the board itself is damaged, is there a cure?  Or is the only option a new board.

    Thanks again!


  2. Greetings,

    I just purchased a Color Classic 2 with the mystic, LC 575, upgrade.

    I'm interchanging two different boot disks, one with System 7.5.5 and one with System 8.0.

    It was working fine until the sound suddenly stopped working.  I had installed a Farallon Ethernet card and it worked fine and everything was good for about 4 hours, then NO sounds.

    I've checked all the obvious things: volume levels, control panels, zap PRAM, checked the speaker wire connection, etc with no luck.

    The computer boots fine and runs fine but the speaker makes only a small 'click' where the boot chime noise should occur and NO noises after booting.

    The volume controls on the front of the computer work properly, adjusting volume levels up and down (by observing the sound control panel) but no sounds.

    I hooked up a set of headphones to check if the internal speaker was bad, but got the same result.  A soft 'click' on boot through the headphones and no sounds after that.

    The motherboard was recapped and everything looks good.  I've checked all the new capacitors to make sure they are correctly installed (polarity) and have a solid connection.  All good.

    Any ideas?  Is there a sound processor or something on the analog board that could fail to produce this problem?

    Again, everything works fine, just NO sounds including NO startup chime sound.

    Thanks in advance for your help!



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