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    At the moment, collecting old Mac software, taking apart my Macs, putting them together again and trying to run them at their optimum configuration.
    As well as that, playing Armor Alley, Civ I, Marathon and Deus Ex.

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  1. See if little utilities like ADB-Reset, ADB Renewer or Focus BusTool works. ADB-Reset: I can't find it on MG. I must upload it sometime. ADB Renewer: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/adb-renewer-12 Focus BusTool: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/focus-bustool A thought has just come to mind: is the ADB plug sitting properly in the socket? One of the ADB sockets on my TurboMouse is loose and doesn't always work.
  2. @Garrett Keep an eye out on eBay for an ethernet card for the SE. I expect it will cost about $50-$75. Mine is from Shiva and cost $50-ish before postage. I find that ethernet is one of the best way to transfer data to & from old macs. Sneakernet is also good. It won't solve your immediate problem but will make life easier in the future. LocalTalk works but is so very slow. I can send you some LocalTalk adaptors for the price of postage but you can probably get them cheaper locally. It was slow back in 1989 but a minor miracle on the grounds that it w
  3. I know the feeling. I have a G3 MT with an unresponsive motherboard. If @shadedream isn't going to take it/them, them offer what is left to anyone interested in practicing their recapping skills. We all need to start somewhere.
  4. This was discussed on the ebay Finds thread back in March 2019. The link is below. Several members opened their boyes and took picturesof the innards. I have a 4-port Black Box ADB KVM if anyone wants new pictures.
  5. Apple Computer, Inc. — That is old. That was back in the days when Apple was a computer company.
  6. It just occurred to me what this box would be perfect for: the Macs made out of Lego. It was designed by Chris McVeigh. They are called, 'My First Computer' and the assembly instructions are here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1326515/Lego-My-First-Computer-Byte-Edition.html
  7. I want one of those. Something for my eBay searches then. I had never heard of cards to aid disk compression/decompression. DiskDoubler was my preferred file compression utility back when I carried around diskettes everywhere with me.
  8. @max1zzz, @waynestewart, @archer174 Thanks a lot for the encouraging feedback. I shall give it a go.
  9. There is a Mac Mini 110W 18.5V 6A PSU going cheap near me. I have Mac Mini G4s and a spare PSU is always good to have. The Mac Mini G4 uses an 85W 18.5V 4.6A PSU. Does anyone use of the 110W 18.5V 6A PSUs with their Mac Mini G4 on a frequent basis? @Daniël Oosterhuis reckons that it should work in this post. Can any one confirm or deny if this is a feasible idea?
  10. I picked up an OKI 321dn from a university student who had finished her studies and was moving. It is a colour A4 printer. It supports EtherTalk and is seen by both the AdobePS-driver and the LaserWriter 8 driver.
  11. Hi all, I have a IIci that powers up, in so far as it than fan is on and the little green light in front comes on. It doesn't chime. I replaced the PRAM battery. I tried it with just 4 sticks of RAM, no NuBus cards and the cache card. The same. My question is: is this simply a board that needs a recap or are there any visible signs of permanent damage? There are signs of cap goo up by the sound chips in the upper left of the first picture. Here are some two photos of the motherboard. Thanks for your help aa
  12. ArmorAlley


    An album (, but not an LP)
  13. If we are going to use the transparent MacEffects SE case, then we should have a matching box with the white replaced by a transparent packing material.
  14. This sounds like an episode of a podcast along the lines of '99% invisible'...
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