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    At the moment, collecting old Mac software, taking apart my Macs, putting them together again and trying to run them at their optimum configuration.
    As well as that, playing Armor Alley, Civ I, Marathon and Deus Ex.

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  1. Would it only work with 40MHz 68040s or can the bus-speed be set by the PDS slot? Are there so many free 40MHz 68040s in the wild to make this a viable project?
  2. I'd say a lot higher. 512K VRAM SIMMS have become rare of late and in demand.
  3. It used to be that Quadra 950s were almost more for what else came with them, the cards, the RAM & VRAM and the gigabyte drive. I wonder now if we (the collecting/hoarding community) are the primary holder of VRAM.
  4. I have a IIcx case that I use to store letters in. I remember reading somewhere that the logic board of a Quadra 650 fits in there nicely. Of course, your suggestion of a dual boot hackintosh gaming rig is also awesome. Just be sure to get yourself an ADB-USB adapter for the AEK-II. A Mac Mini (with or without case but with power brick) would also fit in there.
  5. Being a child of the '70s, this comes to mind whenever I see something like rebuilt when all hope seemed lost. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him:
  6. I'm saving up for a SCSI2SD v6 for my 8100 too. I found someone selling a NOS bezel for an MO-drive for the 8500. That'll house the mounting bracket nicely.
  7. The thingies in B15-16 are different. Whether they only differ in form is another matter.
  8. I have a Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 FE (firewire edition) complete with box, manuals and floppy & CD. Let me know if you want images of them. I plugged it into my mac mini G4 and it was recognised automatically.
  9. Let me know what you do get around the sound problems. That & the odd DVI-connectivity are what irk me most about MacOS 9 on the mac mini G4. BTW, be careful about putting in an mSATA adapter. When I did it with mine, the DVD-drive wasn't recognised anymore. It was much faster but the DVD-drive was more important. I do agree with you, mac mini G4s are super Mac OS 9 machines. I'm playing Deus Ex on mine at the moment and the gameplay is super,
  10. I hope you wore a good mask too when filing away the rust and other dried goo.
  11. They go for next to nothing here (in Switzerland). There are two on sale at the moment - for CHF1 and CHF15 - one with the original box and one with the ADC-DVI adaptor. @Concorde1993 Just wondering if anyone has successfully connected an ADC-type monitor to a Mac II with the high-res Apple NuBus video card. I don't think that this will work. The ADC adaptor is digital only, as is the output from the DVI. And you would need a smaller screen. There are too many pixels. And unless you can find a digital to analogue converter. Getting 1600x1200 on a IIfx is hard enough and
  12. If you have a modern keyboard that you like, you might consider splashing out on a Wombat from BMoW [https://www.bigmessowires.com/shop/]. It is a two-way USB-ADB converter. While not-at-all period-correct, it does let you use your favourite modern keyboard with your CC. As an aside, I rest my AEK-II against my SE with the unused ADB-port against the ground when it is not in use, but I really like the AEK-II. It is a lot more space-efficient. The CC may only only have one ADB port though and that would be a problem. Another option would be to buy (or make) for yourself a
  13. I had been making two assumptions: 1. that it will start without a PRAM battery 2. that the PRAM battery is one of the standard ½AA 3.6V batteries that Apple seems to have use in every Mac up to relatively recently. It seems that you are right: https://www.applemacparts.co.uk/powerbook-5xx-backup-clock-battery- I don't have a replacement. I have to check now if assumption 1 is also wrong (i.e. that it needs a PRAM battery to start).
  14. I'll take a chance and give it a go. Thanks @davidg5678 & @techknight for your responses and wish me well.
  15. Hi all, Over the Christmas I decided to upgrade my PB 540c. I have a 16MB card to replace the 8MB card and a SCSI2SD PowerBook card to replace the 320MB 2.5" SCSI drive. Neither of these need replacing (12MB is fine for System 7.1.1 and 320MB is more than big enough for the games being played on it. It's not even all that loud.). While following the iFixit guide, I think I broke the little clippy things that hold in the keyboard strips and I have broken the plastic doodah that holds down the RAM board. I should know better. This is 26 year-old plastic. I have 2x P
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