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  1. Shiva Etherport II Drivers (356 k, 800k image), you can get it there. https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/network.shtml If your Floppy drive doesn't work very well, it is quite hard to install those drivers, as the installer will refuse to install anything if you run it from the hard drive you want to install the drivers to. You might need MacTCP and MacPing to test if it works if you have trouble with AppleTalk/Ethertalk not working. (or you can use what @NZ_KGB suggested). Just that you know, MacTCP will make your System use quite a bit of additional RAM.
  2. Success ! No luck having file sharing working, but at least my Mac can connect to the internet. (The IP address is google.fr)
  3. I've got the CentreCom 210T, and it works in the sense that the LEDs on the adapter light up when it is plugged-in the Macintosh. How could I test if it is actually connected to my local network now ? Unfortunately, I don't know anything about networking with these old Macs. If it could help, I have an iBook G3 running Mac OS 9.
  4. Thanks for the codesrc website tip, I've managed to copy files mounting the sdcard on my Linux machine and running the image with mini vMac. Now that this works I'm wondering if I should upgrade to System 7 or stay on System 6 (The Mac has 2MB of RAM). I'm waiting for the AUI - RJ45 adapter to arrive, if it doesn't work with the network switches and routers I have at home, I might be interested by your old hub.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a cheap way to get files on my Mac SE from modern computers / the internet. There is already Kinetics EtherPort SE card inside, so I figured the easiest / cheapest way to do this would be to have the Mac on my local network. The Hard Disk died a few years ago, I've replaced it with a SCSI2SD. The only OS I had install floppy disks for was System 6, so this is the current OS on the machine. I can get a CentreCom 210T AUI - RJ45 adapter for 20€ Is there something else I need ? Also, how can I install the drivers for the
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