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  1. Does one revision have an advantage over the other? There are some noticeable differences between the two like all the names printed on revision A and some of the chips are different. Black slot vs white slot differences besides color? 820-0282-A 820-0282-B
  2. I recently acquired a Macintosh IIfx. I noticed it has the revision A motherboard with several names printed on it. Rare? With two good 3.6v batteries, pressing the power button does nothing. If I jumpstart the IIfx it powers on but with the "chime of death". No video on monitor. I have known good FX power supply I swapped in, no change. Known good IIfx ram swapped in, no change. Tried booting with no cards, no change. Cleaned board with isopropyl alcohol, no change.
  3. You can jumpstart the macintosh IIfx by taping two AA together to get 3 volts. Ground the negative aa to case, jump the positive to power supply pin 15 (the far one on the right). It will power up right away, no need for power button. I got my recent macintosh iifx to power on but i get the "chime of death" which is a long multiple chimes. A good healh chime is a single chime. I tried swapping ram, and power supply to no avail. Still the chime of death. Apparently there are at least 2 version of the iifx motherboard. This iifx has version A which has several names of people p
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