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  1. Amazing work. Big congrats to you for achieving this! It’s so exciting to see!!
  2. Thanks everyone!! I don’t think I would have done it, but I’m very glad I asked
  3. Same here! I’m eternally grateful! @ttThe build available here runs fine on Catalina.
  4. I was watching an old episode of the Computer Chronicles today in which Charlie Oppenheimer (Mac product manager) points to the fan inside the SE and says, "this is required for any machine with an internal hard drive." Well, like many of us, I've replaced the internal hard drive in (in this case) my Color Classic with a SCSI2SD, so there's no hard drive that needs cooling. And that fan is so damn loud. Which got me wondering, do I need it? Obviously I know the smart thing to do is to leave it in, or at most replace it with a quieter fan. But I wonder if anyone's done any actual re
  5. One footnote to what’s been said above: I’ve been unable to get Basilisk to mount my sd card directly (in Catalina), but I have had success using dd to image the card, mount and edit the HFS drive in Basilisk, then write that image back onto the card again with dd or balenaEtcher.
  6. From what I've been able to tell, there is shielding on the lower part of the case. It covers the bottom and the sides up to about where the vents end and the analog components begin. (Oddly enough?) You can see what I'm talking about (around the sides) here and (along the bottom) here. The one I picked up has none of that.
  7. Thanks again everyone! I'll probably try to construct a shielding replacement, but glad to know it's not a priority.
  8. Thanks @Cory5412 - this is a Color Classic
  9. Just opening up an old Mac and discovered its metallic shielding is completely missing. Having done a quick bit of forum searching and googling, I'm still unsure: Do I need it, either for my or the computer's welfare? If I do, does anyone have any recs for the foil I should buy to cut out new shielding panels?
  10. Thanks @hfrazier – And don't worry, of course I'll be keeping the board for the rest of what's on it!
  11. I picked up an SE30 today which lo and behold had an exploded Maxell inside. I’ve given it a good rinse and a good scrub, but it’s pretty bad. I’ve never had a Maxell issue of my own before, so curious to hear from from others: is this board too damaged to help, as I fear it is? (If so, anyone holding on to a spare board they would be willing to part with?!)
  12. I'm going to be away from the old Macs for about a month, so I thought I'd post what I've got so far for those interested. Archive.sit has mostly stuff that seems to be online already - though I think a few new sub-version numbers. TOPS is in there as well. NumberMaze is cute and worth checking out - an educational math program. I haven't actually seen MacRISK online, although I feel like it must be? Gravitation is also neat. Bonus.sit is full of things I found tonight; it has some fun curiosities, which I suspect some of you will know better what to make of than I am:
  13. @cheesestraws Voilà! TOPS.sit
  14. @Crutch you're right on all counts. They're 400k MFS disks, but the main program disk seems to be missing. Until I get these up somewhere properly, here's the archive of disks 2 (Libraries) and 3 (Utilities), attached. @LaPorta good call – I'll stick with Stuffit 1.5.1. @cheesestraws I don't think any version of TOPS will install on my 128k (right?), and I can't get it to install on mini vMac, *and* the files don't have version numbers in the get info pane, so I don't actually know what version of TOPS it is. (The disks themselves are copies so there's no physical indic
  15. Also @Dog Cow I found a copy of TOPS -- let me know if you want to try it out!
  16. Quick question - I'm imaging these using DiskDup+ then stuffing using Stuffit 5.5. Should I be using a different version of Stuffit? Would love if anyone knows offhand what the ideal version to use would be. As it is, I'm not familiar enough with all the compatibility issues to know, and since Stuffit is a pain as it is, I've just been using the version installed on the Mac with the floppy drive that I'm using to image the disks.
  17. That’s amazing! Definitely will do. @Scott Baret I’ll keep an eye out for Dinosaur Days. So far nothing much out of the ordinary. It seems like these came from someone who did engineering or software work at GCC back in the day, so there are a lot of utilities and that kind of thing. On the plus side, I’d say better than nine in ten have no bad segments. Anyway I’ll keep plugging through them!
  18. A fellow on my local Craigslist sold me what must be at least 200 floppies full of Mac software from the late 80's/early 90's for $5 this week. Most of them are 800k disks. There's even a (sadly overwritten and written on) official LisaDraw floppy! Nuts! I'm going to slowly image and stuff what's on all of these and find out where best to archive them online. Will store and share as I can – and if there are any real gems along the way, I'll post about them here specially!
  19. @Dog Cow and @Crutch you’re geniuses. Rebuilding the desktop for the disk worked. Thanks! I did wonder if the system version was part of the problem, since I know this isn’t the best version for the 128k (it’s all I have at the moment), but I figured that wouldn’t explain the sudden persistent onset of the error. But I suppose if the machine has less to work with in the first place on 5.3/3.2...
  20. Good question. I (stupidly) hadn’t really considered that the problem might be with the second floppy itself. I only have the two disks right now, but I’m picking up a lot of old floppies tomorrow that seems to have some 400k’s in it. I’ll let you know once I can try out some others. (I also ordered a bmow floppy emu, so I’ll have that to troubleshoot with sometime soon.) It’s just odd that this error was occurring intermittently before and now suddenly it’s persistent.
  21. Ah sorry if I wasn’t clear, this is a 1984 Mac 128k I’m talking about!
  22. Hello all - new member here! I picked up a 128k about a week ago which seems to be in good working order. The previous owner reports having rehabbed the disk drive and replaced some of the ram chips (with sockets added). I haven’t opened it up yet, as I’m still waiting on my long T15. I have a repro startup disk with Finder 5.3/System 3.2, and another disk that has some games but no system files. Until today, I had been able to swap the games disk in and (after some more swapping) run Missile Defense. Today, it won’t let me mount the games disk. I get the error,
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