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  1. Hello, I am trying to find the schematics for my Macintosh Performa/Power Macintosh 5400 motherboard. But I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anybody have them? Thank you.
  2. UPDATE: The culprit was a bad high ROM chip. Replacing it fixed the mac.
  3. Hello, I have recently purchased a Macintosh SE, which doesn't work. I have recapped both the logic board and analog board, and I have even replaced the RAM. When powering on, the fan starts up but there is no sound coming from the speaker and the screen is black. If I remove one RAM stick, the screen starts to show chaotic noise (which is normal because I haven't changed the jumpers) which means that the CRT circuitry is completely fine. What am I missing? Is there a bad chip that I should replace? I really don't want to spend 90$ on a new logic board. P.S: If lis
  4. Hello, I have recently bought a Macintosh SE, but when I started it, I saw a checkerboard pattern (with some noise). I then inspected all of the capacitors; they looked fine. However, after cleaning the 4 1MB RAM sticks, The screen was just blank. Oddly, if I only insert 2 sticks, the screen is just filled with noise. I have attached a video of the SE working with 2MB and 4MB of RAM. What should I do? Thank you. VID_20200712_210831.mp4
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