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  1. What happens if you remove the battery and power cord for 60sec? My 180c with a SCSI2SD has done this a few times and that's solved it, but I've never had to boot from floppy.
  2. I received my kit and assembled it last weekend. Finally had a chance to connect it and do some testing yesterday! Here are a few observations: I initially connected the BlueSCSI to my LC3 mid-chain in an external enclosure with the term jumpers removed. This made my SCSI bus very unhappy for some reason. I was able to get it working as the last device (with term enabled of course) both internally and externally however. Here are some performance observations from the same LC3: Baseline using its current 350MB spinning rust IBM drive:
  3. Thinking a bit more about this, it'd be neat to combine your injection molding and stamped metal contact capabilities and design a battery enclosure that allowed the end-user to drop in cells of their choosing without soldering. It's altogether too easy to short out or over-heat the cells while soldering everything together. I'm imagining an enclosure with the contacts and charge / logic board pre-wired--I supply the boards and wiring, you the enclosure and contacts. The end-user simply inserts their cells (minding the polarity of course) and clips or screws the lid on depending on how its des
  4. Yes, the goal would be a direct OE replacement without any caveats but much higher capacity.
  5. Mine too! Awful video and worse audio, but you get the idea
  6. I'd consider it, but I don't think the current design is necessarily production / consumer ready. E.g., forget to flip the switch from discharge to charge after plugging in, bad things could happen. I'm also not sure I'm comfortable accepting the potential liability of selling lithium-based batteries for use in an old, unpredictable platform. My approach thus far has been to expose possibilities and provide as much design info as possible to hopefully inspire others to follow suit if interested. That said, I am hoping to take a stab at creating a 3rd version with a custom PCB that
  7. Fantastic work! Kit order placed. Should be just the thing for my LCIII Thank you! Out of curiosity, what benchmarking utility is that @Chopsticks? It looks superior to any of the 4-5 I currently have installed, and I can't seem to identify it!
  8. Yep, that's your PRAM battery. Likely in need of replacement. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can grab one here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W4NWHJ8 Glad you got the battery free without too much drama! I had one similarly fused in one of my 180cs when I originally took ownership.
  9. Others may feel differently, but I'm reluctant to use vinegar when cleaning / restoring electronics. It's only very mildly acidic to be sure, but if you don't thoroughly remove it from under components, vias, etc., it can cause problems. Use it on the chassis and battery contacts sparingly perhaps, but I'd keep it off the PCBs. I use CRC's contact cleaner, Isopropyl, compressed air, and a whole lotta Q-tips
  10. I'd definitely get that crusty battery out of there before attempting anything further. That could be a big part of your problem right there if its oozing cells are creating resistance. Your chassis comes apart via 4 torx screws on the bottom and a single smaller one under the modem port. Gently separate the halves from the rear first, and once you have ~1/2in of separation, slide the top half very slightly forward to free it from the front lock clips on the base. To do otherwise risks damaging what are very fragile and probably already crumbling plastics. There's an internal ribbon cable join
  11. They work well IMO. Of the 3 I built, 2 are installed in functional power books and I use them regularly. I tried to reply here using one in fact, but alas, iCab through WRP via a ~14.4 connection exceeded the limits of my patience They work fine though for IRC (logged into #68KMLA now in fact), telnet / SSH, small file transfers, TCP games (Netrek, ChessWorks, etc.) I haven't yet pursued the bluetooth audio remix mentioned above, but that would require tapping a harness onto the audio output jack of the mainboard, which is less in keeping with the spirit of a fully reversible, dr
  12. I managed to find a few moments this weekend for 68K projects, this one included. I'm even more optimistic that a provision exists for a hardware modem in the Duo via some as-yet-to-be-discovered signaling method to bypass the Apple Express Modem's SCC-controlled soft-modem layer. In addition to the "1 - Modem is a serial modem" return code from the GetIntModemInfo function clue in the 280c Dev Note, Here are a few more leads: From the 2300c's Deverloper's Note (seriously, why can't all this info can't be in one place Apple!!!) Note In some PowerBook computers, there is a h
  13. Thanks for the insight. I believe I've crawled through every Duo-related Developer's Note and Service Source document available, and the only pinout info I've encountered for the 50-pin SX20-50P-LTS-MH2-2T connector is on pg.58-59 of the general "Macintosh Duo System" Developer Note, however it appears to be incomplete. Do you perhaps recall where you ran across the pinout for the non-modem module? Thanks, and apologies to the Op for the tangent.
  14. Any chance you've ever had it apart? I'm dying to see what the non-modem equipped Duos have in the expansion slot. There must be something there with at least the power button on it. Could provide some useful clues for my ongoing wifi modem replacement hack attempt
  15. Good call out. I've struggled a bit with whether to post something like this here or there. My impression has been that, especially with something very platform specific like this, it's more likely to reach its target audience posted in that platform's specific forum. For instance, I put my PowerBook wifi modem replacement thread in hacks, and and it didn't get much attention until I cross-posed about it here.
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