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  1. Thank you. Must be the RAM. I tried it on a 8550 motherboard I have (and in a Power Mac 8200) and it does the same.
  2. Is anyone running 128MB 5V DIMMs in their Power Mac? I've tried some in mine, but they don't work. 64MB and lower ones work fine. There is mixed info on the web, whether they can take 128MB or 64MB is the max.
  3. Sounds like you scored a great machine! Please let us know how you get on
  4. Ah yeah, by scrap, I mean move it on, not bin it I've spent hours trying different combos to try and get it to boot. I think the PSU is fine, but maybe I'll give it one more go and use a multimeter.
  5. I know this topic is a bit old now, but if you need a 8200 PSU @Paulie, I have a 8200 with no video output that you can have. The PSU seems fine.
  6. Tried with a new PRAM battery, but no luck. Doesn't look like it's actually booting either, so maybe I'll just scrap it and keep the bits for other projects.
  7. I recently acquired a Power Mac 8200/120. It turns on and chimes but doesn't output any video. I tested it's RAM and VRAM in another machine and it's fine. I even bought a PCI Formac video card, but still no output (the card also works in my other PCI Macs). Is there anything else to try before I call it quits?
  8. I bought caps from here recently and they worked well. May be a little more expensive than buying individually, but the kits save the hassle and aren't crazily priced: https://console5.com/store/computer-cap-kits/mac-68k-cap-kits/mac-classic.html
  9. I agree with Cheesestraws on the SE/30. It's the best compact Mac in my opinion. I like it and use it more than my Color Classic. I just put 64MB of RAM in it and it flies. The other thing to note about the Color Classic is that it's really quite heavy! You won't want to be lugging that around I've also heard stories of this causing more breakages in transit
  10. This came with a Powerbook 3400c I acquired. I know one end is HDI30 for SCSI, anyone know what the other end is?
  11. Does anyone have a pinout of the logic board to analog board connector on the Classic II?
  12. Thanks everyone. Good to know about the lack of audio circuitry on the analog board. Will check out the speaker! (I tried the Classic logic board in the Classic II case and no sound either, so am sure it's not the logic board).
  13. Can you post some pics of the connectors? I've had varying success to be honest. Some require an adapter and terminator and some just don't seem to work. Where are you based?
  14. I have a Mac Classic II that has no sound. I recapped the logic board but no luck. However, I tried the board in my Mac Classic and the sound came straight on! My question is, does the analog board have anything to do with generating sound (is it an amp)? And if so, is it likely to be the caps on that? Anything else I could try? Just asking before I dismantle it all as removing the tube and analog board is a bit of a longer job
  15. You should be able to just put the correct details for your network into the TCP/IP control panel and then it should just work. I've found DHCP a bit flakey, so it's best to set up the details manually. I haven't tried this myself yet, but this looks promising for browsing modern sites on older machines: https://github.com/tenox7/wrp Obviously, the resolution will be a challenge, but using this proxy will at least offload SSL traffic which older CPUs really struggle with. On my Color Classic, I've used Fetch FTP client to pull files to the machine. It maxes out at
  16. I tried a load more disks and it seems I was just testing initially with a couple of dodgy disks. Both drives are working fine now, thanks to everyone who helped!
  17. Just to close this out, I got a 40Mhz one from a seller in the UK and it works perfectly. Seems there are lots of fakes from China on ebay. Seems mad considering how little they must make!
  18. I have two SE/30s and recently tried the floppy drive in one and found it throwing up the "This disk is unreadable" error, and then fails to initalise any disks I have. I took the drive out, re-greased the metal and cleaned the heads with IPA, but no luck. I then took the floppy from my other SE/30 and swapped it in. Still no luck, so I tried the "broken" drive in the other SE/30 and it works fine! They are both Sony 2MB drives (looks like one is Rev2 and the other Rev3). I have some Classic's as well. Any one know if their drives will work in an SE? I tried the SE driv
  19. This really is fantastic. I've done my own Mac Classic to iPad screen/Intel NUC conversion which I'll write up at some point but without all of your awesome attention to detail with the CRT glass, floppy SD (!) and original ports for the keyboard/mouse. Well done! The only issue I've found with mine (I used an iPad 3 screen/HDMI board with pixels doubled to give 1024x768) is that that resolution seems a bit high for the small size of the screen, especially as old Mac software isn't usually designed to run that high (and I can't run it at a lower res as I get a big borde
  20. I echo the above RealityStorm. A brilliant blog!
  21. I got one of these recently and it worked perfectly: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-Macintosh-256KB-68-pin-VRAM-Video-Memory-SIMM-670-0269-LC-LCII-LCIII-80ns/121956009009?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  22. Please see attached. Sorry, my phone camera can't seem to focus on all three. The middle and right chips where from one seller, and the one of the left was from another.
  23. Thank you everyone. The 3rd chip came and didn't work either. I might give up, or look for a better source on eBay. Does adding an FPU to the Color Classic actually speed up much (JPG decoding in web browsers for instance)?
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