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  1. Pretty sweet. I've got two, looking to sell one, and I've heard/seen a few different start up chimes on them.
  2. Hey everyone. I've got a PowerBook I'm trying to restore. The screen flickers on, but no backlight and/or image I can see. I'm fairly sure it's the actual display but don't know what screen I need to replace it. Any info is greatly appreciated, and if someone has one lying around, I'd be happy to work out a deal.
  3. I might give that a try. I've been crazy, crazy busy. Trying to get my old car back up and going, and work... More to come
  4. She's going out for a recapping then I'm gonna have some of the people mentioned above help me archive the software YAY
  5. Thanks for all your help/guidance. I'll probably reach out to some of the people you all recommended. I don't want to mess anything up. I'm really good with hardware but incredibly poor with the software side of things. I've attempted to "quit" what looks like the application the W.A.L.T. is running but then it just loads the same software back up so it's difficult to see what, if any Mac OS, it's running. Even when you start the thing, instead of saying "Welcome To Macintosh" it says "Welcome to WALT" which I've never seen before. I'll send some of the components out to have them
  6. Well guys, thanks or your help again! I serious appreciate you all very much and your deep knowledge/expertise. I can now safely say two things: 1) I got the HD working! 2) I have the only working W.A.L.T. in the world. It's really a goofy piece of hardware. BUT I cannot seem to figure out a way to back this thing up. It does have the 30 (I think) pin SCSI connector but I'm struggling with this. I don't want to mess with it too much until I can figure out a way to back it up. The software is too special to loose forever.
  7. I think I would be able to get it to boot from another hard drive the issue is the touch software drivers wouldn't work... I'm assuming.
  8. So I was able to work out a deal on that W.A.L.T. The seller was really cool. I've never seen one in this color before. After some poking around I realized a PB 140 charger would work to start it up. That being said, I cleaned it up and bit and plugged it in. It turns on... sadly the hard drive is being rude. It spins up and seeks but doesn't load anything. The person I bought it from said he didn't erase it or anything. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Make sure the system OS is blessed... I've found this to be the issue most of the time.
  10. Good thing I only go on FB on my work computer so they don't have real data.
  11. Indeed. I've got a prototype 20MB internal HD I'll snap a pic of as well. It was supposedly going to replace the Widget drives.
  12. Thanks for sharing the facebook link. That's identical to the ones I have (beige). The clear one, with the Macintosh logo, was just a label over the original Profile label. I peeled the Macintosh label back/took it off. The units I have included the power supply, which is internal, and on the right side of the device. The left side has a board to connect with a widget drive. Not included in the original auction, but Al's is sending me the cable from the board to the widget and the 5 pin power supply. I'm hopeful I can get at least two of these working. I wonder if the person on FB's works? I d
  13. Do you happen to have a link for that? Thanks. I believe a decent amount of posts I had were lost in transit, but check out my website if you want to see my entire collection. You found me out. I bought both sets of drives from him. He's the curator of the Computer History Museum and a serious Apple guy (PPC). If you type kudos in OF his name is one of the first ones to come up. It's pretty neat I was able to purchase them from him. He's a really good guy.
  14. No that's a clear classic, with a clear color classic to the right of that (not pictured) and I have a clear SE as well.
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