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  1. Thank you both for responding, especially about those hooks that hold the daughtercard in place. I'd have made a mess with my cabling for sure. I did not notice the extra drive bays above the power supply. Next time I open it, I will take a gander and hopefully install a hard drive up there. I bought a 10/100 ethernet card, even though I think I have all the big data transfers done now. It was $10 shipped, so why not? A person was giving away some 8m DIMMs that ought to work with this machine, so those will up the RAM to 192 meg. Thanks again, J
  2. If you could fit a System with the Zip driver on a floppy, I would boot from the floppy and do exactly like you say. Just drag the everything over to the Zip drive. Using another System ensures that nothing would be running (such as system extensions) that may have some copy protection on them. It could cut down the amount of problems you would have copying it all. If that isn't feasible, I would drag and drop the items one folder at a time to the Zip drive, so if there is a problem file that doesn't want to be copied, you only have to look in one folder to find it. Ho
  3. So last night I was moving a bunch of programs from my G4 to my new to me 8600 which was tying up the 8600. Since I am using an ADB switch to share the keyboard and mouse with that and my SE/30, it put my SE/30 out of commission as well. Well kinda. I hooked an extra mouse to the SE/30 and fired it up and switched Appletalk to the printer port and attached a printer cable to it. Then I set up Appletalk (or is it Network on Powerbooks?) to use the only port allowed on the Powerbook 165, which is the printer port and plugged it in. Went to Chooser, and logged into the SE/30, and moved a few game
  4. We have a winner! Mr Knight called it. I tried my other power supply and the floppy mounted and ejected as it should. Thanks for the advice, J White
  5. I had actually considered the power supply being weak as an option. I dismissed it (perhaps wrongly) because it sounds like troubles I would have at work (as an industrial electrician), not at home. I believe I have another adapter; I shall give that a try next time I am down there. Thanks, J White
  6. I found a PowerMac 8600 on Facebook Marketplace and picked it up yesterday. When I got it home I opened it up did a brief dusting (more to make sure none of it was sticking to capacitor goo), made sure the battery wasn't exploded, reseated the RAM, etc. When I plugged it in and pressed the power button on the keyboard it fired right up. Previous owner used it in a graphics design studio and had a ton of software on it, so System 9.1 was very bloated. It looks like the machine was last used in 2007, according to the dates on some of the files. I plugged a cat 5 cable into it and bac
  7. My cell phone is still an iPhone 6, and with only 16g of memory. The storage is the biggest problem I have with it. If I don't upgrade it soon, I am going to have to replace the battery again before too much longer.
  8. I reassembled my Powerbook 165 after getting its screen recapped (Thanks again JRL!). I had to swap out the keyboard from another powerbook (160) and went ahead and put the larger 10M RAM card from that machine in there as well. Everything is great; it is booting to 7.5.x off the internal 240 meg hard drive, screen in good, I've got good sound, keyboard works, trackball is working (might need a bit of lube or cleaning though; it's a bit sticky) I went to try to install something via floppy, and the as soon as the floppy got injected, it robooted. Tried it again with the same result
  9. I can't help with locating the driver, but it was neat seing the old LEM list message and Gamba's website here. Spent a lot of time with both back around Y2K; good times. I hope Gamba is looking down from a work station in the sky and having fun tinkering with an old Mac to make it do something it really never should be able to. I'll keep an eye out for it; I just checked UMich's archive to no avail. J White
  10. The Mac version hooks to the ADB port and has a passthrough connector (or a Y cable) to plug your keyboard/ mouse into if you need to. I watched a Youtube video that showed a little joystick that could be screwed into the center of the pad. Mine didn't come with it, but I can't imagine it being very useful. It looked like it was about 2 inches long and easily breakable. There is also a switch on the top of the unit that switches it from being a keyboard to being a mouse. It looks like you could use this instead of a mouse if you wanted to, though I think it would take quite a bit o
  11. It seems the only topics on this subforum are repairs. Don't get me wrong, I've posted a query or ten here myself. But I thought I would post something different tonight. I bought a Gravis Gamepad to use with my SE/30, and have spent the past few nights playing a few games with it. It took me more than a few attempts to get it working, but it was nothing that could have been prevented if I had read the instructions. TetrisMax is much more fun with the controller, as is Glypha. Some of the games aren't quite right though. An example is Wolves in the Wind. I cannot get th
  12. That probably explains why I've never heard of problems with them Thanks, J White
  13. So this got me wanting to print with my SE/30, even though I really have no need to. I've got all the files (finally, it wanted quite a few more files than what you had listed at your fileserver?), and I even updated my 7.5.3 to 7.5.5 thinking that may have been an issue. I got the desktop printer on my desktop (and it verified there was a printer at the address I typed in), but no joy. Then I looked at the printer itself and saw that I had two out of ink warnings. I ordered new ink, so hopefully when I revisit this in a few days I will be able to say I have it working. J White
  14. So I've been reading about capacitors failing in well, everything Mac made way back when. I see lots of threads (here and elsewhere) about Powerbook 1xx screens needing to be recapped, but I don't see much about the logicboards or anything else under the keys. Are they built with different caps? I saw one thread about a 180 that said it was all solid state, so it had no caps. Is that the case with the 160 and/ or the 165? Thanks, J White
  15. My other hobby is playing with Lionel trains. A lot of their diesel engines used a D cell battery to power the horn relay, and a lot of those batteries were left in the trains when Jr. outgrew them. As a result, a lot of Lionel diesels have "battery compartment damage". So, this hobby didn't really invent anything by having batteries destroy things.
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