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  1. It’s glued with Bison Kit. 1 minute fix. Great result.
  2. Update. After the initial proof of concept, some improvements. Investments, from 4 to 8GB (€15), fresh soft band and my favorite double sides power tape. Refitted the display, extra use of Lego to make it more solid and even less pressure on the screen. Mac mini now has Lego feet for easy mount and remove. G4 plug in option is tempting. Improved USB hub mount in the expansion slot. Also created an extension of the power button. Completely out of sight. No further comments
  3. I picked a monitor set like this, Amazon link I guess the displays are all the same, boards differ a bit. Also I would pick one including the IR remote. Makes it much more flexible. The plastic sheet I used is gloss but once the lcd is on its great.
  4. Ok, so little space, so many options. Last reshuffle.
  5. Thanks, a shorter VGA would be nice indeed. Will check our local area, Netherlands…
  6. You’re right. Insulation band is maybe more accurate
  7. Bison Tix to glue the plastic sheet to the case. 1 minute job. The ‘isolation band’ I used was white but similar and made black with a permanent marker.
  8. Lord, I have sinned. But tried to stay as close to the original as possible. 1. Screen. It has a 10.1" LCD IPS display with HDMI and VGA. Use VGA, it's very important. Only with VGA you can set the monitor to 1024x768, perfectly centered. Pixel perfect, very sharp, viewing angles are great. Easily ordered on Amazon, search for 10.1" 1280x800 LCD and it pops up. Its a complete monitor with remote with comes in handy. 2. Screen fitting. First I cut a 1mm transparant plastic sheet which I pulled from an IKEA frame. Then glued to the curvy inside of the screen. It creates a
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately this appears to be more complex that my average tech skills and tools. Better next time.
  10. Set up a LC I with system 7.1.2 and the Radius PowerView connected. It somehow works on the second screen, a 17” Dell LCD 1280x1024. It shows the Portait Display in the Dell ratio. Searching for a better monitor. So far so good.
  11. Could not resist a like new and complete Radius PowerView set like new from former Apple marketing guy. Only a PowerBook 140/170 or Classic II works says the documentation. Does anyone know if it works with other models as well?
  12. Picked up a LC with 12” monochrome monitor. The monitor does not show a green light when powered. The LC looks and runs like new, hardly any dust in the fan, harddrive and floppy super clean. Monitor not used much either, opened the monitor and do not see anything strange. The fuse is ok. What could make the monitor to not power at all?
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