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  1. Hmm... they seem to have multiplied while in storage...  I have four!  I don't know about V1 vs V2... three are single pump, one is dual pump...






    I'm pretty sure the one with the single processor card is a dual-2.5Ghz... i.e. from a 'Quad... IIRC, I used this for testing the logic 'boards... using the Apple HW diags to bypass the "missing" CPU error, running the machine as a "dual 2.5Ghz" machine... 


    As I said, none of these have been run for donkeys... so YMMV absolutely applies!!  @mePy2, PM me if you'd like to discuss... I'd like to hear from @Byrd, since he might just need a pump (which should be easier to test)...

  2. 1 hour ago, PowerMac_G4 said:

    Done, done, and done!


    Oh well... 


    Has your logic 'board been re-capped?  What about your Analog 'board?


    The other thing that might be worth trying is checking the memory settings in the App.  It's been a while since I messed with this, but are you able to select the App, then "Get info" and see what it's set to?

  3. Ahh... meant to add... you might want to run Disinfectant - https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/disinfectant - if you've not already. 


    Believe it or not, I recently found a couple of my Macs (Classic II, SE) had picked up the MBDF virus - http://virus.wikidot.com/mbdf.  I only discovered this after having issues with SimpleText crashing.  No idea how it got onto them - neither is connected to any network.  I haven't spent the effort to track down where it came from, but probably the 'garden or Repository... might have been off a hard drive from one of the machines I've restored.   

  4. You might want to give Apple Personal Diagnostics a spin...




    ***Edit***  argh... I just re-read your post seeing that you've tried this...  sorry!   Might we worth letting it 'loop' for a while.   Also... might also be worth removing / re-seating the expansion 'board and the individual SIMMs.

  5. 2 minutes ago, ZaneKaminski said:

    Unfortunately this project was just not meant to be... the software ... something like $1000/person/year.


    Dang!  That's a real shame!


    3 minutes ago, ZaneKaminski said:

    the cost of the board was particularly high because of the fancy connector required to go into the Mac's ROM sockets


    yeah... the ROM sockets are designed for 'flat' pins...  But since this would likely / hopefully be a 'fit and forget'... maybe not such an issue?  I guess I'll keep working toward getting an original ROMinator working... the instructions recommend 'machined pin' headers for the connection - presumably to avoid the issues you encountered.


    Thanks anyway for the update... will keep an eye out for progress on the ROMBUS II ...   :-)

  6. On 4/22/2021 at 3:12 AM, smileymacface said:

    only if you have them removed and I ts no bother.


    It's no bother... I have several of both currently "out" of machines.  You can see, however, from your photos what I'm talking about... you have 2 x "large" capacitors near the fuse - a clear indication it's a 120v 'board.  If you check your "International" one, you'll note there are 4 x "large" caps in this 'board area.


    I would not associate W12 on the 120v 'board with W12 on the International one...  The two designs are quite different, but (frustratingly) share component IDs that don't always correspond to the same functional part of the respective 'board. :angry:  Equally frustrating is that most of the "diagnostic" texts still available - including Larry Pina's books - don't have a lot of information for the International variant, so require some interpretation... :-(


    On 4/22/2021 at 3:12 AM, smileymacface said:

    if I needed to use the US board in it (with the 120v transformer), would this be an issue with the other board/components for any reason?


    I can't say 100% for sure, since even though the voltage would be taken care of, you'd still have the 50hz / 60hz difference.  I do have a couple of 120v 'boards, but haven't really run them.  What I *do* have is a Classic that I converted from 220V to 120v for a colleague -- that runs just fine using a step-down transformer...


    On 4/22/2021 at 3:12 AM, smileymacface said:

    It was bought from a seller in Germany


    Hmm... would that be bcga.de.wkmxn6dc on eBay? :-)  If so, I've had a couple of things off him... including a very nice, original Macintosh.


    I'll post the side-by-side A/B pic in a few...


  7. 19 hours ago, cheesestraws said:

    when there was much swearing...


    That seems to come as standard when working with these "compact" Macs...  :-D  


    Another plus for this arrangement, is that getting at the 'mounting' screws for the HDD 'tray' is actually easier.  I have had an untold number of swearing sessions when trying to screw-down the HDD sled with the Mac 'face'-down... only to have the screw slip loose and drop into the bowels of the machine....  :angry:  

  8. 20 hours ago, cheesestraws said:

    I couldn't see a way of doing it on this one


    In your picture above... I assume the end that is 'raised' has the downward pointing 'lugs' that you'd put screws through to mount the sled to the rear of the floppy cage?  If so... that would also mean that the drive mounted on yours is actually backwards?


    Something I noticed when I put mine together... there is not much clearance between the front of the HDD and the bottom of the CRT... in fact, I needed to shift my drive all the way back - and even then, there wasn't much of a gap.  Something else, the actual drive I have is slimmer (and shorter) than a typical 3.5" HDD - and certainly slimmer/shorter than that Quantum drive - by several mm...  That alone might make it difficult to squeeze into a 2 x Floppy + 1 x HDD arrangements.


    And finally... even with my 'slimmer/shorter' drive... when the disk is being accessed, there is some interference to the image on the CRT... perhaps that's useful since I don't have a HDD LED anymore...  at least I know when the HDD is doing something!! :-D

  9. 20 hours ago, cheesestraws said:

    I don't think this will do what you want,


    Well... regardless... I'm happy to do a swap if you're interested... If it won't work, I can just use the sled in something else - I like the 'pink'ness!  

    As for my own quest (yeah, I really should create my own thread!)... I have a solution! 


    Thanks to your post and @LaPorta's comment... you got me thinking about an odd-ball sled I already had... as well as a fairly compact 500Mb SCSI drive that came in an LC I purchased a few months back from France... yeah, I got Brexit'd and paid VAT & Duty!! :angry:!!   


    Anyway... put them together and voila!!... I now have a dual-floppy SE (it really was an original dual-800k model - I have the original back to prove) *with* an inboard HDD!!   Super happy!!   Attached are a few pics...


    Thanks both for stirring my grey matter!   








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