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  1. Yep... at the time, I had a IIx as well, but wanted to keep the II (older, more "original"), but wanted to have HD floppy capability. I know Apple produced an "upgrade" for the II to give it HD floppy support... the upgrade included the SWIM + a new set of ROMs. I figured the ROMs could be programmed up, but didn't anticipate the challenge tracking down that "smaller" SWIM chip... In the end, I decided the 800k floppies were even more "original", so aborted the project...
  2. Sorry, should have been more specific... I wasn't able to try the "343" because the II uses an IWM with a lower pin count PLCC package... it was a physical limit I hit... The "343" does come in the same pin-count PLCC as the SE/30... hence my interest!
  3. It will be interesting to hear back on this... According to this: - http://mess.redump.net/mess/driver_info/mac_technical_notes?s[]=mac&s[]=technical ...the "343" is a SWIM, but used in the Apple ][ 3.5" disk controller. I picked up two of these as well when considering upgrading my Mac II to HD floppies, only to discover they weren't the right "flavor" SWIM chip... I'd wrongly assumed all SWIMs were created equal... I was also chatting with @keropi6k6 who may be in need of a SWIM for his 'board... so let us know what you find out!
  4. Spotted this... - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Color-Classic-Plastic-Rear-Port-Cover-Mac-Bezel-Case-805-0190-A-/402736856759 ...in case you want a "whole" one...
  5. Once you have the panel off... you could also try a SCSI cable... just screw the cable into the connector then gently pull the cable... reduces the stress. I also use this method to remove the various other 'Performa' logic 'board trays... Of course... YMMV!
  6. I too had the exact same issue on both a II & IIx 'board I restored last year. I used Doug Brown's resource - https://www.downtowndougbrown.com/2015/03/explanation-of-the-macintosh-iiiix-power-onoff-circuit/ - to track it down. I've seen other reports of this as well... I wonder if this thread can be made "sticky"?
  7. Seems this post was swamped by the flurry after the successful boot video... In case you've not found it, there's a thread here on this topic... Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress - Peripherals - 68kMLA Forums
  8. Not to mention the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!
  9. If it's any consolation... I spent quite a few hours over several days not that long ago trying to get an IBM SCSI MO drive working... I got as far as reading, but any attempts at writing (yes, it was re-writable media) just failed. I know I had it working in the past... but that was probably 20 years ago... Perhaps there's a book out there that has all the answers?... The Joy of SCSI? I know this is completely different tech... but that doesn't mean SCSI has gotten any less complicated (as the most recent post bears out...) FWIW, I have managed to get in the order q
  10. Amen! Something else that may be worth exploring... Currently, it sounds like you're using 3rd party drivers - not 100% sure *what* driver Lido lays down... There is a 'patched' Apple Drive Setup out there that allows you to use non-Apple firmware drives... it just might be worth hunting that down and attempting all-Apple drivers... - https://lowendmac.com/2007/format-any-hard-drive-for-older-macs-with-patched-apple-tools/ Of course... YMMV!!
  11. If you only used Lido to 'update' the driver, and didn't go through the whole "Setup" - format / partition / etc... I wonder if the driver Lido used might not be compatible with whatever partitioning was there before. I *have* also seen cases where multiple drivers appear on the same physical disk... So it might be an idea to have Lido do a full "Setup" on the Internal drive and see what happens...
  12. Could also be the drive with the 'lowest' ID... I wonder what would happen if you set the ID on the BlueSCSI to '0' - or set the Internal Drive to a greater number than the first BlueSCSI one... Something else you could try is booting from a floppy and setting the startup drive to the one of the BlueSCSI 'partitions'... I'm wondering if it is the first drive 'polled' or the 'lowest' ID... Sounds like you're making progress!!
  13. I'm no expert here...but I have over the years seen all manner of issues with SCSI chains, Apple & 3rd party driver interaction, etc... As a process of elimination test, @blindowl can you move the HDDs between your two SE/30s and see if the "issue" also moves...? What I'm wondering is whether one of those HDDs has an Apple (or 3rd party) HDD driver that doesn't "like" the BlueSCSI... I'm also pretty sure that once a Mac loads a driver for a given block device, it defaults to that - even if there is a "newer" (compatible) one the other devices in the chain...
  14. The battery holder appears to be MIA... ...as it turns out... if it won't come back to life, I may have a spare IIcx 'board. It does still need a bit of work, though... after a full clean / re-cap... it works fine -- apart from one issue... the clock is really, r e a l l y s l o w..... I mean you can visually see the the hours / minutes separator (colon) in the menu bar flashing really slowly... the time does update... but super slowly. So it's not 'dead'... but it is stuck in some strange time warp. I don't have a 'scope to throw across the crystal
  15. Ahh... I have a couple of external SCSI HDDs that work with a Plus... I could probably let one go if you're interested. I also have 2 x original HD20s... but I'd need to give some thought to whether I could part with one. The other option could be swapping your 4.3Gb drive for one that does provide on-drive TERM PWR. I'm pretty sure I have a 2.? Gb one... and maybe a 4.3Gb one... I'd need to check. You can PM me if you want to discuss... good luck on your quest!
  16. A couple of thoughts... the 2Gb limit is a Mac OS limitation. You should be able to partition the drive into smaller 'chunks'. I use Lido - https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/lido-756 I think there is also an issue with the Plus not supplying termination power? Some drives have a jumper to have the drive supply TERM PWR. It doesn't look like that IBM one does, however - https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/ibm/DCAS-34330-ULTRASTAR-4330MB-3-5-SL-SCSI3-W-UL.html ...which takes you back to trying a different drive. Where are you located?
  17. Technically not a "modern" alternative... but I have just verified old Toshiba Tablet PC 'pen's work just fine with an ArtPad II...
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  19. Doesn't look like it's a VCC issue... compared this 'board to my [working] Mercury 030 and the +5V pins from the PDS are carried onto the 'board. In fact, they are connected to the two right-most pins of the power connector...
  20. Yeah... I d/l'd and saw they were Mercury-specific... drat! Feared that as well... I know a couple of MLA'rs have one of these... but set up for a Plus - the ones I've seen do have a chip at U4. My only hope is that it's only required in "Plus" mode... but that's likely a wild hope... Yeah... I've been wondering that too... I'll see if I can do some probing... Thanks for the info / suggestions!
  21. Good to know... Speaking of while we're at it... I recently acquired a Gemini 030 in a sad state... it's configured for an SE, but it doesn't appear to be working... all I get when powering up is this... no "bong", no pointer... I suspect it's because one of the GAL? chips is missing [U4, upper left] (but really have no idea)... Open to any suggestions or happy to send to you if you want / have time to take a look... Does the file you attached include GAL details for the Gemini?
  22. It certainly says Mercury 030 Plus on the 'board... but the one I have is for the SE as well, and has a PDS connector. No sign of that on this one... Are you sure? The oscillator is 20Mhz... that memory expansion does look like a later one... v1.2... How many flavors of these did they actually make? Are there any ex-Total Systems ppl still kicking around?
  23. Here are pics of my card... ...as you can see, apart from the 50Mhz crystal, very similar to the OP's ... BTW, does anyone know if it's at all possible to drive a modern (TFT, etc.) monitor with one of these?
  24. Not at the moment... I'm mid-restore of an SE/30... the one this card came in had terminal battery damage. I *might* have one I can borrow... stay tuned...
  25. Should be able to... give me a couple of days... I have a day job, sadly... I'll also post a pic of my actual card.
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