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  1. Was self resolved. The card was "Micro Conversions 2124NB II Video Card". The manual can be found https://archive.org/details/MicroConversions2124NBII/MicroConversions2124NBIIManual/page/n29/mode/2up . I have attached the product details and device driver. nubus.hqx htmlnubus.pdf
  2. I was wondering if I could answer the thread 12 years ago, but I got the card, so I will attach an image and write it. 1993 Memeory Plus 24NB X42SC01B I can't find any information about the card and device drivers.
  3. I'm guessing that the device driver needs to be installed to switch the dynamic resolution. I guess the DIP switch on the card will be used to set the default resolution. I will quote and translate it below. ---------------- 2.2 Dynamic switching function of display resolution Pickles XA / Pro can display a total of 15 different resolutions (9 for Pickles XA). In addition, it has a function to dynamically switch the resolution while using the computer. This function is based on the premise of connecting a multi-scan type display, and improves the efficiency of a series
  4. I don't know how the ROM on the card works, but I think the frequency depends on the graphics chip. In general, I think that chips with excellent clock resistance will be installed in higher-end models, and inferior models will be installed in lower-end models. Since the XA series has a lot of functions, I think it is necessary to install a device driver. Regarding block forwarding, there was an explanation in the document, so I will translate it below. -------- 2.5 High speed block transfer Block transfer is a function that transfers a large amount of data be
  5. The difference between the PicklesXA series is not only the large and small memory size capacity, but also the different frequencies. Also, the dynamic switching function of the display resolution is not equipped in XA / Lite, but in XA and XA / Pro. I checked the contents described in "eizo1994_8.pdf" attached by Nothan_A before, but I will describe the differences of the Pickles XA series. ------from here-------- 2. Overview of Pickles XA series There are three models in the Pickles XA series: Pickles XA / Lite, PicklesXA, and Pickles XA / Pro. The difference
  6. If the URL below is helpful. https://gona.mactar.hu/ATI_Mac/
  7. Thank you for sharing the manual. Only P13 has been translated into English, so please refer to it. Monitor selection switch settings Set the monitor selection switch of this card according to the monitor to be used. If you use a monitor other than those shown in the table below, not only will the monitor not operate normally, but this card and the monitor may be damaged. Also, if the specifications of the color monitor change, the same thing may happen. Do not make any settings other than those shown in the table below. You can also set the monitor sel
  8. It seems that the driver is included on the Mac OS 9.1 CDROM. Please refer to Alex's writing. https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/57478-power-macintosh-9600-and-ati-radeon-9200/
  9. The driver for ixMicroTwinTurbo can be downloaded as 4.0.6 and 4.0.2 below. The driver seems to be different for Macintosh clone and PM9x00. https://web.archive.org/web/19991013155418/http://www.ixmicro.com/techsupport/twinturbomacos.html Unfortunately, trying to download from archiveorg fails, so you have to look for a driver.
  10. I bought OWC memory for the Quadra 950 yesterday. 16MBx16 for 191.84 $ I think OWC is better than ebay. https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/30PS16MB/
  11. To summarize, is it the following? Nathan_A: Pickles XA Maximum resolution 1376x1024 Full color Maximum dot frequency 135Mhz Jeremy: Pickles XA / Lite Maximum resolution 1024x768 Full color Maximum dot frequency 100Mhz No device driver information at this time. Switch the resolution with the DIP switch on the card.
  12. Since the product description by BUG was attached, I translated only the part of "2.1 display resolution". 2.1 Display resolution PicklesXA / Lite is a conventional so-called high resolution resolution, and there are many products on the market such as those for Windows / Macintosh that can handle full color at this resolution even on a personal computer. PicklesXA can handle up to 1376x1024 pixels in full color, including the resolution of 1280x1024 pixels that has traditionally been used as standard on workstations. Since 1280x1024 pixels, which are commo
  13. I couldn't install the heatsink with the clamp down, so I didn't install the heatsink. Even if the heatsink is turned 90 degrees sideways, it will hit the cache slot and cannot be installed. I expected it to fit like you, but it's a shame. Shave the heatsink, lower the height of the capacitor, both are troublesome.
  14. I used the combination of mSATA → SATA → IDE 40pin with Performa 6300/100. I installed the OS as it is after initializing the SSD using Drive Set UP 1.4 of Mac OS 8.1, but no trouble has occurred.
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