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  1. Hi all, just recapped the analogue board on this classic and now I have a screen that is slightly warped top right. It’s not highly noticeable , has anyone got any idea?
  2. Hi, the Mac is switched on, rear casing removed , I can hear power going to the crt, but no life soft power no longer works. even with motherboard removed, there is no change
  3. Hi all, again, so as the title says it’s a colour classic.. I’ll try to keep this brief.. as usual I recapped both boards, with emphasis on the analogue, and hey presto, soft start, and eventually power was restored, the machine functioned once again. I was very happy , then last week I switched it on for photos, and the hard drive was not recognised, so all the checking began, after the Mac was back together, nothing, nada, dead !! No fan activity, no clunk when power was switched on, just a very feint hum, power is going in, s
  4. Ok so problem solved, PP1 Phier replaced, wht da ya know
  5. Hi all, this has been totally recapped, analogue and logic, but I’m getting what only can be described as interference on screen, both sides. I expect you’ll tell me it’s a cold joint somewhere, I just cannot narrow it down, any help would be much appreciated, thanks
  6. Although I am no expert, I have 3 colour classics, all undergoing resto... stick with the logic board for now, if you can power the machine from the keyboard (soft power) the analogue board is functioning for now. the empty slots do not need to be filled to enable your board to work, you do not need a battery to power up either, so the fault Lies somewhere else. removing the egret chip, and replacing after a clean is no easy task! you need some serious skill to remove the chip without pulling pads, and resoldering requires a degree of skill, unless your
  7. I feel your pain, these damn machines are so temperamental, I’ve just recapped analogue board and it was working fine, then this morning , hard disk not recognised, and later no power! I hope someone can help you, I have a feeling the pot is not at fault.
  8. Hi all, just wanted to say “Thanks” to all i have success let the clean up begin..... btw, for future reference, its a revision b classic
  9. Ok, so I re soldered the joints on the usual suspects, and reflowed on some others, restarted and I have an image. it’s very dark, and only 50/50 , the board powers a hard disk and floppy drive, but they do not allow a boot process to start
  10. Did anybody come up with the solution to this problem? I have exactly the same symptoms, I’ll resolder some joints today. the board has been totally recapped, so I’m hoping that should do it.
  11. Hi, anyone done the hard work so we can credit you and thank you? could you also provide your supplier preference. many thanks in advance
  12. Hi again, this LC is fighting all the way ! i cannot reset the pram now, and I’m wondering if it’s become corrupted? is there any tricks to resetting, the keyboard just is not working. Command option and p, r on restart, no reply from board. so I’m left with a 475 that does nothing other than bong. thanks again
  13. Thanks for the advice, I’ll clean the board again, I’ll keep you posted.
  14. Hi, yesterday my 475 froze midway through boot process, since then, I’m unable to get any video output. the bong is strong at startup, however the converter to vga does not process a signal to turn on my monitor. the battery is fine, however I’m stumped, any ideas please, thanks in advance
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