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  1. Yes! I was a little confused but this is what I needed.
  2. Hey everyone! Got a quick question to ask, I'd like to replace my 1/2 size AA battery with a cr2032 or AA setup. How would I go about doing either? Is it a simple solder? Thanks
  3. 6s owner here! They are still great phones and are fun to go down the “cough cough jailbreak cough cough” way. I still love the fact that it has the 3.5mm headphone jack. Don’t see that anymore.
  4. This fella came in yesterday. Let’s give it a spin
  5. Our thrift stores here in the north Florida are have been pretty decent in mid 2000s parts. Haven’t gone in for a hot minute so hopefully when I do, I can grab an new one.
  6. Great to know! If I can help in any way to port GCC 10. Let me know as it would be realllllly useful!
  7. Ah, nice to know. Thanks again!
  8. Figure i'd ask here since I have A/UX on a quadra, Has anyone gotten gcc (GNU C compiler) fully installed and setup on A/UX? If so, please tell me how you did it. I'd like to add some other newer GNU stuff like sudo or bash but they require gcc to compile them. It's been quite some fun trying to get it to work. So many lost CD-R discs trying to get this to work. Any ideas or help appreaciated!
  9. This may be a near future purchase for me. A/UX works, but the thrift stores near me have some “nicer” old monitors. I’ll most likely then look at some of them so I can enjoy the experience a little more. If not, I may go with the an Extron Scaler. I’ll tell you though, trying to setup gcc so I can compile other programs like sudo or bash is quite the joyride. The Supermac Card comes in a week so I’ll hopefully have pictures of it running soon. Edit: CRT monitors are great for that “authentic” experience but I’ll take a LCD for terminal viewing!
  10. Hmmm. Didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. Yep. Dug a little deeper and found out that my wonderfully ancient Acer monitor can’t do 1152*870. Plus the onboard graphics can’t show millions at the resolution. $26 was nice grab and I’ll hopefully have it next week.
  12. This is what I had my eyes set on. It’s Better than 800*600 https://www.ebay.com/itm/SuperMac-Spectrum-24-Series-III-Nubus-video-card-for-Macintosh-II-Quadra/184402219381
  13. After selling my 610. I was determined to get a machine to run A/UX 3.1 get up and running. Well, few hours later I found this guy for a real steal and got it yesterday. One install and some ram configuration later, this Quadra is a screamer! Hope to find a good nubus graphics card for it to make it perfect. If anyone has ideas of cards I should look at please let me know.
  14. Oh score! I didn’t know after dealing with much trouble with a Quadra 610.
  15. Hey everyone! I recently got a hold of a Quadra 650 and need to change its caps asap. Does anyone know which caps are needed for it? I'm going with tantalum caps but cant seem to find any reference on what voltage or capacitance they need to be.
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