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  1. Well I think I can safely say I've buggered this one. It turns out it's a 120v Mac not a 240v, so no wonder the fuse blows. Is there any way to turn the analogue board into a 240 or am I on the hunt for a new board?
  2. Cheers, I pulled the diodes in the rectifier and they are ok. I checked the thyristor which may have shorted by that seems good as well. I was reading late last night and it could be some of the other diodes that may have shorted which could benefit from beefing up.
  3. Hi all, I have a MacPlus 1MB UK model that would not turn on. I had a quick look inside and noticed that the internal fuse had blown so I replaced it, just hoping it was just a simple fix. Anywaym, this immediately blew and I have searched through the Mac repair gudes and could not find anything that could lead me to a solution. Any ideas ? StephenM
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