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  1. Capacitors don't live in a bubble .. they are connected to other components, some that are not cheap/impossible to replace. Why take the chance of a dying capacitor (which is cheap to replace) destroy a component that is not.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Doing The same for my SE/30 including the Apple branded PSU. All capacitors being replaced except for the huge 420uF 400V cap in the PSU. Not only is Th is capacitor no longer produced but the one I pulled from my PSU tests PERFECT on my ESR meter.
  3. Recently acquired an SE/30 and in process of restoration. The computer had only 1 owner and was well loved; hence used for long time as can be seen by faint burn in CRT. I know there are a lot of dead units out there but might have good CRTs. What other macs can an SE/30 borrow a new CRT tube from? Any?
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