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  1. Ran scsi probe and it says there is a arbitration error. something about scsi termination... but there is only 1 scsi device and it's terminated would a bad recap job affect scsi termination ? or the EGRET chip ? external SCSI is working
  2. I have a Color Classic II that powers up, but has no audio already recapped it while checking the board, I found that most of the ground pins on the capacitors I replaced have continuity with the ground on the motherboard connector near the 5V and 12V lines, but they don't have continuity with the ground on the scsi external connector or the audio plug outer shell for example all the audio capacitors have this continuity, but seem isolated from the same ground near 5V and 12V it seems the board has 2 different grounds, but I can't imagine how thi
  3. tested known working drives.. no dice will test external drive soon.. thanks
  4. I have a IIci that boots, but has strange audio issues and random lockups After a full recap, it boots, without chime. if the Simple Beep is selected as the alert sound, the machine locks up when an Alert comes up. switching to a different alert sound and putting audio to mute allows me to receive an alert without freezing. also, the TCP/IP control panel for example freezes the machine when opened. tried 3 different system 7.5 HDs with the same effect. a few other softwares freezes it too, but I couldn't find a link between them. Norton System Info CPU/FPU
  5. My IIci only works with soft power. the power button only shuts it down... could it be those chips?
  6. I have two Color Classics. recapped both logic board. one chimes, the other doesn't both have trouble finding the internal HD even booting with a floppy doesn't make the HD show up. I can hear the disk spinning up could be something in the front connectors ? maybe cleaning the slot?
  7. I have a LC520 upgraded with a 575 logic board... before the logic board recap, it wouldn't even power up after the recap, it powered, CD and HD spun up, but no chime and no video I completely recapped the analog board and now, after the power key is pressed, I can hear the power supply clicking and never starting up. I believe it's shorted somewhere 2 problems: - regarding the analog board, I've checked every capacitor for polarity and it all checks out. all caps were new. what's the next step? how can I test the power supply without attaching the logi
  8. Bringing back this old thread, I have a LC 550 with a bad analog board. some sort of short that makes the PSU click click click I already replaced all capacitors and one or two mosfets, but it still doesn't work I would love to find the APPLE 820-0369-B 14" R.G.B. monitor/ S.M.P.S. for LC/PERFORMA 5xx series 7 schematics he had this part isn't available on archive.org if anyone has this analog board schematics or could point me to a replacement part, I would be really greateful
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