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  1. I took 2 AA batteries and soldered one of these holders to the outside of the clamps of the original holder: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B07TB4HDYH/ref=zg_bs_18007817011_13 Fixed the new holder somewhere inside the SE with a strap.
  2. I sadly have to report, that the 32 bit clean rom did not solve my problem of a freezing mouse cursor with a radius pivot SE/30 grayscale and more than 8 MB RAM. If the 2nd (pivot) screen is the main dektop I lose the cursor right after startup. With the SE/30 crt as the main screen it usually happens when I move a window to the pivot display. But as BadGoldEagle said, at least I have a 32 bit clean rom now. So I put this into my 2nd SE/30 with ethernet, 128 MByte of ram and A/UX - now a fine unix machine. The radius pivot SE/30 has now 20 MB and Mode 32 in 24 bit mode. When there
  3. Thanks cheesestraws, will do and then get back here to report, if this solves the paralyzed mouse cursor issue. I think it will take 2-3 weeks for the rom to ship from the US, it took at least that long for the 16 MB ram simms.
  4. Many thanks to both of you! I just ordered the systen ROM simm @BadGoldEagle recommended. Maybe you can give me a hint reg the small hack to some system files sometime or maybe this is described in the shipment.
  5. It is this Radius Pivot SE/30 Display with upgraded VRAM (not on the pic).
  6. Come on guys, this radius pivot setup with red and green connected to the blue line in order to get a greyscale picture on a vga TFT display is just a copy cat of numerous simliar configurations others posted here previously like @Bolleor @BadGoldEagle. None of you ever booted up his Mac with more than 8 MB ram? There must be some experience with this config somewhere out there, right?
  7. Remember the wobbling ram simms I recommended from here: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/gp/product/B00FAYV3NO Gary, the dealer behind the account named mally, sent me 3 replacements, all wobblers, too. By then he had realized, that the boards were not thick enough, and made his supplier produce new ones with the correct dimensions. One of those found its way to Germany today and it's a perfect fit, so this source is good again now. I am writing a follow up here because as of now it seems that Gary is the only dealer, who ships to Europe, and at a very good price I might ad
  8. So I installed 68 MB (4x16 and 4x1) on my SE/30 with the Radius Pivot 4bit grayscale and now I loose the mouse cursor movement (click still possible), if enable 32 bit RAM access in the Mode 32 extension. Without the 2nd display connected everything works fine. The machine works also fine, if I disable 32 bit RAM access, but then the RAM upgrade is rather pointless. Do you think, this is connected to the ROM not being 32bit clean?
  9. No, sorry, I could not solve it because the next day my drive was dead again, most likely because the heads were magnetically „glued“ to the disk and the motor is to weak to spin the drive up. There is no practical fix for this I guess.
  10. If you look at this post of bigmessowires‘ and his following one in the same thread, you will find that he was stuck with the 1152 resolution at a time and finally solved this with a) the right drivers and b) grounding the right sense pins of his card. So I thought the same should be possible with the pivot SE 30 card, too. Bolle has posted here, which pins are sense pins (4+7), so grounding those would mean connecting them together and then to for example pin 1? And which software would we need?
  11. Well, I think the original resolution of the radius pivot SE 30 grayscale is 640x864/864x640. The Eizo Flexscan L885 in the pic has a native resolution of 1600x1200 px.
  12. But no matter which dip switches I choose on my vga adapter, I always end up with a resolution of 1152x864 like Bolle. Is that due to a lack of radius drivers or a problem with the vga adapter?
  13. Thank you so much for digging out that old thread! Will browse/read through it more thoroughly in the next couple of days. From what I have read so far I understand that ar least some radius software is needed in order to leave the 1152x640 resolution and get 640x864 or 864x640. Do you have an idea, where I can get that software and which version I would need for my grayscale radius pivot SE 30?
  14. Last night I tested connecting sense0 and sense1 (pin 4 and 7) with no effect at all. So can we conclude, that only connected to an original Radius pivot monitor the monitor can do it's magic during rotation on some sense lines on the card (which we do not know) and there is no way, to simulate this with, say a switch, and all we pivot SE/30 owners have to live with the stretched portrait mode on modern vga tft displays, except for those, who own the HDMI scaler? End of story, hmm?
  15. If this (above) is the pivot SE 30 pinout, then l connecting 4 + 10 like with the Pivot IIsi (below, quoted from the above mentioned WTB: Radius Pivot IIsi cable thread) is obviously nonsense, since with the Radius pivot SE 30 only 4 is sense and 10 is 69hz vsync. But what if I were to connect sense0 and sense1 (pin4 and 7)? Could this lead to the desired permanent landscape mode in the SE 30 pivot?
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