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  1. One of my work colleagues is retiring soon and very kindly gave me his old work/lab Macs as we had got to talking and he wanted them to come to a good new home All of the pieces are in great working condition, and have been in use for much of the time since they were new, as far as I can ascertain. 1. Mac SE "FD/HD" w/4MB RAM, 40MB hard drive & 1.2MB internal floppy (Model M5011) with network card 2. Mac SE with 2 floppy drives with 1MB RAM (Model 5010) 3. Mirror "Shadow 40" external HD enclosure w/400MB drive 4. SCSI CD-ROM "Portadrive" (Model T3201) 5. Various keyboards, SCS
  2. Unfortunately, because I swapped out the whole assembly, I don't know this. It may have been the button (although mechanically it seems hard for it to fail) or the cable, as there was a small damaged looking section of it, although it was on a differerent trace from the button mechanism.
  3. Actually, that's probably correct, as I had previously swapped the active TFT screen from a 1400c onto the 1400cs "body", which means that it was the 1400c body (the donor of the top case in this recent transplant operation) which indeed has two PRAM batteries. I wonder why the change from one to two? ps now is probably timely to remind people to be careful soldering around lithium batteries. If they overheat, they can explode. Take care, kids.
  4. OK - both problems are solved. I soldered up a replacement PRAM battery from two new VL2330's and that is working nicely. And using the donor machine's top half i.e. trackpad & button, I now have a fully working 1400c again. Well, except for the dead main battery pack of course - that's next month's project. Of interest, the newer of these two 1400s was manufactured in July 1997 and has two PRAM batteries, whereas the older one, manufactured in Feb 1996, only has one. As I only had enough VL2330's to make one replacement battery pack, I've left the second, dead PRAM battery unchang
  5. Couple of quick questions / errors on my SE/30 running Sytem 6.0.8. 1) Is there anyway to get Macintalk working on this machine? I really want to play Capn' Magneto and Strategic Conquest, both of which need Macintalk to sound their best. I understand the SE/30 used a different sound hardware compared to older Macs, so the original hardware "hack" that is Macintalk doesn't work. However, some folks have reported success with Macintalk version 1.3 specifically. I've got *a* version of Macintalk, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I've also tried installing Macintalk 2 using the English
  6. As per the topic title, I fired up my Powerbook 1400c for the first time in a few months and discovered that the mouse button now longer wanted to work. Trackpad works fine though. As per the Apple service manual for the 1400, I tried resetting the PMU/PRAM, to no effect. So I've stripped it down and will transplant a known working cable from my "donor" 1400cs. Hopefully that works, or I'll have to go in again and swap out the trackpad itself. While there, I've decided it's time to fit a new PRAM battery, so I've got a couple of VL2330's on order. Will update y'all in due course.
  7. You've never run Sheepshaver or Basilisk on a modern PC/laptop ?
  8. Yes, thank you enablers! I am still trying to justify to my wife why it is I had two ancient mac laptops (1400c and 1400cs) disassembled on the living room floor last night. Still - that's good advice in the 166 I agree - the active matrix screen really is a looker compared with the dual (dull) scan of the 1400cs. I'm quite happy with the combination of the two units now: A 133Mhz 1400c, all plastic in good nick, a rebuilt 12xCD-Drive unit, 32MB RAM, an Apple Vid Card, a 4GB compact flash card, running OS 7.6.1, 8.6 and 9.02 on three different partitions. Now if I can get around
  9. I took a chance on a Powerbook 1400c at a local auction website. It was pretty much "as is, where is" and wasn't booting because the (replacement 20GB) hard drive had been wiped. No indication as to the CPU speed or amount of RAM. It also had a small crack on one of the hinge covers. No biggie. As it was going cheap ($38USD), I figured "why not?". I was hoping I may be able to scavenge some RAM and parts from my 1400cs to make a "maxxed out" machine. Turned out it's a 133 (slightly disappointed - was hoping for a 166. Hey - it could have even had a G3 card in it, but didn't). It also o
  10. For what OS? What Farallon card? If it's System 7, and the Farallon skyline wireless card, try here - the download link (for Farallon Skyline PC card) works for me: http://main.system7today.com/helpcenter.html If it's for the ethernet card, try here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=11041#p162713
  11. Bit off topic, but any reason this ide ssd wouldn't work in a g4 titanium powerbook? http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=181165937143
  12. Thanks Hugh... those two are used, which in the PRAM battery world makes me a little nervous as to their long term life span. I'll flick you a PM - but in the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas about alternative substitutes, I'm still all ears/eyes
  13. I need a new PRAM battery for my 867MHz Ti Powerbook (model A1025). I just wanted the battery, which is a fairly easy swap on the PRAM unit with a bit of soldering, so I ordered on from here: http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_lir3032-vdy2.htm. It's a 3.6V rechargeable LIR-3032. Trouble is, Li-ion batteries are very restricted in how they can be shipped (have been implicated in in-flight fires), so the company won't post it out to NZ, and neither will my UK mail forwarding service. In the absence of a UK relative going through the hoops to get it sent to me, are there any
  14. There's only one that needs moving, PLL #1, and yep, she checks out OK with a multimeter on continuity mode, and the resistance across the solder blob is the same as the other pins (near enough to 0-ohms). Going in isn't too much of a hassle, since it just involves flipping the bottom cover off. I might try some of that conductive ink - perhaps my solder joint is dry. Did you just blob some solder across the contacts on yours, or did you actually solder 0-ohm resistors in place?
  15. As a further update, I've just gone through and made all of the PLL switches match exactly those of my 1GHz powerbook. Still no 1GHz for me Oh well, it's still working very nicely at 867MHz (confirmed on an OSX 10.4.11 install disc system profiler).
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