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  1. That’s what I’m trying to remember... I think I used the same neck board for the swapped CRT, but I could be wrong.
  2. I have one display with the same ghosting issue. I swapped in another display and it was fine with same analoge board/logic board etc. I think it’s the CRT itself.
  3. It worked, thank you so much!
  4. Partitioning didn't change anything unfortunately.
  5. Ah, didn't think there was a size limit, but it sounds very plausible that 4,5 GB is too large for it to handle. Will give it a try!
  6. It's weird. It works just fine in the 6400 (I tested it again), but the SE/30 and Performa 460 refuse to recognise it. Think I'll just leave it for now.
  7. But shouldn't it be read from right to left? "12••••••••••1" on the sticker. Which means "ID BIT 2", "ID BIT 1", "ENABLE AUTO SPIN" and "SCSI TERM ON" is currently set. Not sure how to set the ID though. Jumper missing on "ID BIT 0" means ID 0 is set? Edit: found this jumper setting schematic: https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/ibm/DDRS-34560-9ES-4560MB-3-5-SL-SCSI3-ULTR.html So tried ID 0 with auto spin and SCSI term on, but no success. Not sure about what "Enable TI-SDTR/WDTR" and "Disable SCSI Parity Check" does? Maybe I should check
  8. I have this 4,25 GB SCSI drive I wanted to try in a SE/30, but for some reason it's not being recognised. I took it from a Performa 6400, where it works. This is its current jumper settings, I just wonder if I need to change them around somehow?
  9. I picked up another SE/30 yesterday, and in this one the 16 MB SIMM's seem to work. 4 x 16 MB in Bank A and 4 x 256 kB in Bank B. As mentioned previously in this thread the ones I received were too thin so I tinned them on one side, but my other SE/30 didn't like them at all. But now I got use for them after all!
  10. I have a junk SE/30 that was manufactured as an SE, but later upgraded to an SE/30. Unfortunately, the logic board is beyond rescue so the computer has mostly been used for parts and collecting dust on a shelf. The other day I found a new analog board and a logic board for an SE. Both looked to be in mint condition, maybe NOS, and didn't cost much, so I bought them. So now the SE/30 is restored back to an SE. Even though the front panel still says SE/30. It has a SuperDrive in it, but due to the SE's limitations, it can now only handle 800 k dis
  11. I replaced the board in one of my Macs, just to try it. Works fine so far anyway. Yeah true, I have no idea if it really is NOS, but it looks unused. But I wasn't really hunting for a new AB, I just stumbled upon it. So I'm happy to have a spare AB!
  12. I kept on troubleshooting for weeks without success. It turned out to be the F258s that was the problem. They all had continuity when I measured with the multimeter. I replaced three of them that looked like they were in bad shape, then the computer started! But there continued to be problems with RAM Bank B, and when I finally replaced the remaining three chips (which all looked to be in good shape), the RAM problem also disappeared. So replace all six chips if you don’t find any other solution.
  13. No, maybe I don't... My initial thought was to use it, just "because it's new"... But now I'm having second thoughts. But the display in this machine has som issues. Quite low brightness with some weird shadowing going on. Maybe it's the display itself that has issues, or maybe the analog board, I'm not sure?
  14. I got this NOS Mac SE analog board today. Looks like it is in good condition. Does anyone know if I need to take any precautions with an old, unused board like this? Or can I just swap an old board with the new? Recap it I guess? But other than that? I can see that the trimpots R26 and R27 does not match the setting of my current board at all. Not sure what they do, though?
  15. Thanks for the advice! I'll check the area around the crystal and RTC next time I open it up. The board has previously been recapped and cleaned. But it's quite beaten up after corrosion, cleaning and cap/F258 removal (twice) with the crappy hot air gun... I hope it's just some gunk and that nothing is damaged.
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