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  1. Great work checking up....mine was marking 45ohms on pin 7 and it was bad. The new IC Filters hit the 50ohms in all the pairs....I will verify the one connected to the Floppy port....do you have a FloppyEmu? Will be interesting if it happen with a external Floppy Unit.
  2. Check the Filter IC Connected to the Floppy Connector....Check my Post on fixing a Mac SE SuperDrive....2 of this Filters where damage causing the unit to freeze. One of the filter IC is connected to the Reset and Interrupt Switch. If the one connected to the Switches is bad, will send the interrupt to ground causing the machine to freeze(use a multimeter to trace the line to the correct IC from the switches). Verify with a multimeter that the switches are working right. Using Ohms. You can perform a simple test on the IC using a multimeter in ohms....test IC pins in pairs(Ex. Pin1 with 11)
  3. How much RAM are you putting on the logic board? The problem can occurred when a programmer's switch was installed., Remove it from the Side of the case! If you have the logic board out, check with a multimeter if the switches are not stock....
  4. Open the unit, disconnect floppy and HD if any... try to check with a multimeter the Reset and Interrupt switch are not damage. Plus remove the battery if still have one that has not leak.... Looks like you get the chine, check memory pass and when is ready to boot it when is fails...
  5. I can not say 100% was triggered by the FloppyEmu.... but happened at the same time. Mouser Part# 652-4120R-601-201L and for a socket Part# 575-1114732041001000
  6. I happy to inform that after replacing the Filters...the unit is operational! One of the filter was connected directly to the Interrupt and reset switches....2 of the Filter fail 50ohms test on pin 7.... Happy to get another unit operational!
  7. Still waiting for parts....Mouser is taking for ever...I shut order from Digi-Key....they are not having the shipping issues like Mouser right now....sucks... Testing Ohms on 2 of 3 filters, 2 of them fail the 50ohms check on pin 7....
  8. Leave the case open, turn off the light on the room and turn the unit on....check if you see plasma from the Flyback...any buzzing ? Display or not? Mac Chine?
  9. Already check all, is not short....but again both switches traces go back to one of the Filters IC.....
  10. Another observation is that both switches are connected to one of the filters IC!
  11. I am not saying is the SCSI controller.... Just Another cheap IC I can swap.... I think is the filters but will see....
  12. Again, already verify the switch....They are fine....Remove and test it out of the logic board...reset and interrupt switches are fine! that not it! I have to agree that the FloppyEMU is a safe devise...We are talking about a 30 year old machine....and we trying to keep them alive...I just trying to get it working again.... So waiting for the (2) filters for the floppy area are coming, hopping that fix the issue...The SCSI IC will be another think to test.... Any other place to verify will be helpful! Thanks everyone!
  13. Funny, I order the filters almost after I created the post. Everything start happening after resetting the FloppyEmu and it was connected to the floppy port... So I order 2 new Filters and the SCSI IC....Will see....the issues is intermittent. When the unit boot, but after couple of minutes a interrupt window show up....Verify the switch with a multimeter and looks fine. So I think something when wrong at the floppy port or the filters...The ISCSI IC is not expensive...the 2 filters cost almost the same price....Will keep everyone posted after I replace the IC.
  14. Guys, I need some help....Mac SE Superdrive PSU, Analog board, floppy and logic board recap service and clean. I was using it for the last 2 days and last night start freezing and during boot sometimes getting Mac code "0000000F 0000000D". Already try the logic board on another SE and the same issue. I think is maybe the SCSI IC or the filters. I order a ISCSI IC, but I can not find the filter IC info...anyone can help or maybe give me a idea of what it can be.... Thanks!
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