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  1. Hi all, hi @stormy finally the problemi is solved: real batteries were needed!! I've just rebuilt the battery pack with 12 brand new 1,2V Ni-Mh 2600mAh batteries and every thing works nicely It boots and charges normally! So battery emulation with a power supply was not a good idea! It just needs REAL batteries! Thanks to everybody for all suggestions!
  2. Hi @stormy, yes they were almost completely corroded but I rebuilt them "implanting" new pins (I did not found a connector replacement), than I checked them end-to-end with a multimeter and they make contact. Perhaps the problem is that my attempt to emulate batteries simply doesn't work, maybe because the power controller cannot recognize real batteries during charging or boot process. So because this is the last thing to fix, I've just ordered 12 1,2V Ni-Mh 2600mAh batteries, we well see as soon I'll plug them in....
  3. Hi, update. I've just replaced the PRAM battery that does its job but the PB190 does not boot from battery. Booting from power supply and then detaching it, the PB shut down after a few seconds. Recap: replaced caps on power controller in the main board replaced pram battery rebuilt the DS2401 (battery is recognized also fro the "regenerate battery" app) Using an external power supply to emulate the batteries at ~14V Resetted PRAM The PB190 doesn't boot without power supply. In the following video, the PB is connected to its powe
  4. Yes Byrd, PCMCIA to CF adapter perfectly works! Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I got a PCMCIA SD adapter card and I'm struggling one day to get my PB190 read an SD Card through it. 1. When I insert the PC Card with no SD nothing happens. 2. Inserting an SD on PC Cards, after a few seconds I get the message "The PC Card in the Lower PC Card Slot is defective....." with 2 buttons Cancel and Eject 3. Pressing Cancel a broken PC Card appears on the desktop, double click on it and a message "The PC Card add functionality..... It cannot be opened" I did several tr
  6. Ok this could be the cause in my 190 as well ! Waiting for new PRAM batteries to arrive.....
  7. Just recapped the power controller but still the powerbook doesn't start from battery, even using a real 12.5V external battery. The strange thing is that there is no current draw once the battery is connected, it seems detached but on the other hand it seems recognized (icon on the menu bar). Actually the PRAM battery that is not fully operational (I'm going to replace it), could the boot problem depend on the PROM battery??
  8. Recap: sending current directly to the board the PB does not recognize the battery, while sending current from the battery the PB thinks there is a battery and starts charging it... so the DS2401 I think its working. In any case It does not boot from battery side, only with its AC Adapter. I need to test with real batteries before recap.....
  9. I think so, the rightmost pin is not connected at all, according to specs https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS2401.pdf. I think the DS2401 is fine. the problem the PB does not boot from battery could be due to the capacitors on board or maybe simulating the battery with an AC Adapter does not work for some reason. Need to do more tests.....
  10. Ian, could you please tell me the post where this photo comes from?
  11. Capacitors look good, I checked a couple of them with a capacimeter and they are ok. But yes next step could be replacing all them. Fortunately I kept the battery apart from the pb so all the stuff and the board are ok a part the original screen that was completely exhausted. What is macwifi? I was thinking to retrieve a PCMCI card somewhere to get the wifi.
  12. Yes 14Volts. No battery pack around. Capacitors seem good, I checked a couple of them with a capacimeter and they are fine. Detaching the PB AC Adapter the PB turns off after a second, while when both (PB AC Adapter & Battery AC Adapter) are connected battery icon shows in charge.
  13. I've been able to restore the DS2401 and connect it according to the picture above, now I get >22 V without any battery. But connecting a power supply (simulating batteries) still does not boot.
  14. Very nice restoring, me too I'm restoring a PB190 but I decided upgrade it replacing the old (corroded) grayscale display with a 190cs display Just a question: where did you get the battery connector for the mother board?
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