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  1. i have gone through and tried different baud rates with the same modem setting (with different baud rates) as well as choosing some that say generic but I just cant get any text to appear. Im gonna reach out to the wimodem guy to see if he has any ideas.
  2. Okay so I downloaded a different version of ProTerm 3.1 and got it to work with the set up like so: Emu connected as external disk boot my floppy of System Utilities > exit that program > set floppy emu to prodos 3.0.1 > run startup,d2 > (in prodos) set path to /pt3/pt3.system > ProTerm 3.1 boots Now I am having an issue trying to get my modem seen for lack of a better word. So in the ProTerm modem set up I tried the following: Apple Modem 300 - initialization blank Null Modem Driver - initialization blank Null Modem Driver (RTS/CTS)
  3. okay I have connected it to the connector on the inside and some programs are working just fine. however proterm 2.2 still says "proterm was not installed on this machine. press return to verify your hardware configuration, or pres esc to continue" but after hitting return it seems just fine (as in it loads and takes me to the next screen havent tested with wimodem yet). proterm 3 is just strange: booting with proterm3(boot) gives the following on screen: 0914- A=0C X=FF Y=02 P=74 S=D3 then i have a cursor hitting return will just return a EE then return again gets 0400- A0 A0 A
  4. trying to avoid having to do that if possible, so no i have not
  5. should have mentioned i am booting with system utilities v 2.1.1 a disk i have okay new wrinkle i got applewin to do some testing and if i try to catalog proterm3.1 i can see it just fine in applewin but on my iic it says "i/o error" note: proterm 2.2 locks up the same way as my iic in applewin
  6. okay made some progress: I put prodos 3.1.1 on the sd card > put proterm 2.2 on sd card > turned on iic with emu > run prodos 3.1.1 > it asks for path to file typed "/proterm/proterm.system > it starts to load but then i get a message that says something like "proterm has not been installed on this computer. press esc to continue. press ret to check hardware" > no matter what i press it just seems to lock up this is where i am currently stuck.....
  7. i have the emu set up as a 5.25 drive but when I select PR#7 i get a message that says "no device connected". doing a catalog,d2 will list the files but not sure how to run them (prolly syntax). For example in the prodos v1.9.dsk file that was on the emu i tried "load launcher.system" but I get back "file type mismatch". Is that because some programs absolutely need to be launched from "disk 1"? on other files, oregon trail 1.do for example, if i try to get the catalog i only get a message that says "I/O error". Sorry if these are really easy issues first time using apple II OS.
  8. cool thanks unfortunately i have rom 255 which apparently doesnt work as a smart port disk. i did find this on bmow blog havent given it a shot yet but fingers crossed.. Andru has devised a method for booting the //c from the Floppy Emu while it’s connected externally and configured in 5.25 inch emulation mode. In other words, it’s a method for booting from Disk 2 – something that’s normally impossible. This is great for the scenario where you want to make a bootable ProDOS floppy, and you’ve got a Floppy Emu, but no real floppies with a bootable DOS. Now it’s possible to boot fro
  9. Ok I feel like a total noob but I dont understand how the Emu works with my IIc. Never used apple II before so even basics are escaping me, I set up the Emu as a smartport drive (as I saw something about that working for IIc) but not sure how to see files on it. My goal is to get proterm installed and running so that I can BBS on the machine. Any help or direction would be a huge help and much appreciated.
  10. Try changing your scsi ID number to something other than 0. I was having issues with mine not booting but once I changed to ID 1 it worked with no issue.
  11. okay guys haha I figured it out. so after doing the recap and putting the monitor back together 95% or so didnt want to put the shroud and handle on if I was gonna have a cap blow or need to make some more adjustments. anyway after it didnt work yesterday I spent all night thinking about it and reading service manuals and schematics and had a few things I wanted to check today. I turned the machine and was just gonna start to open it up again and I noticed something, the cable that goes to a voltage regulator near the transformer was not actually plugged in it was just resting nea
  12. so I just did a recap all except C102 47uf NP 16v and C515 4uf 25v as i ran out of stock on those. turned it on but no change, it powers up, turning the 3 pots on the back and the contrast knob has no effect and the screen is just black. I also put some contact cleaner on the pots which helped them turn nicer but no effect to the out put. I confirmed that the video in jack was getting good contact to the board and wire coming in too. Again when I turn it off I get the flash of a typical crt turning off. getting stuck any tips on what to try next?
  13. Hi guys, I recently got a IIc the computer is working just fine no issues (knock on wood) I can hook it up to a crt tv and use the computer no problem. however I also got the IIc monitor and I turned it on for the first time today. lets go back just a bit, I bought it on ebay and it was working however before the seller shipped he tested it and told me that he got a wavy line on the screen but no picture. we worked out a deal so I got a small discount as I still wanted it. fastforward to today I turned on the screen and booted up the computer and there was nothing on the screen, I turned up th
  14. so as far as the locking up the system i removed a few extensions not sure which one it was but on the load screen it would lock up during the quicktime extension. that would allow me to have the modem on outside of zterm but if i opened zterm and connected to a bbs then quit the system would still lock up. I then changed the dcd operating mode in zterm at&c0 (it was set to 1) then i connected to a bbs disconnected quit zterm and had no issue with slow down so i think that fixed that problem. now i just got to get irc figured out.
  15. okay that seemed to help some before if i turned on the wimodem the system would crawl now its not perfect but much faster. so now my issue is in IRC when i try to connect to a server i get a freeppp window that pops up trying to make a connection but i know that i dont have any settings set up. anyone familiar with that set up or an alternative?
  16. okay so i have gone to the chooser and i do see that appletalk is there and set to active. it also has the 7.5.4 tough i dont have the apple talk zone section. i also set up free ppp as i saw something about that but i am lost as to what setting to put in. does anyone have experience with using that?
  17. my system is running os 7.5.5 but i dont see apple talk under the chooser. as for the BBS i love it actually found my way over there via another bbs cant remember for sure but it might have been heatwavebbs and im looking forward to the pizzabash
  18. Using zterm is going well but how would I know if apple talk is on. Is it something I would need to install? I’m trying to get eudora 1.5.5 and IRC but those are having trouble.
  19. ill check out zterm thanks for the tip
  20. hey guys got my cable today and was able to get my classic ii to connect to my wifi and was able to check out some bbs stuff pretty cool. thanks for the help. now the only odd thing is that if i have the modem on before using the terminal 3.0 program the computer kind of locks up or is very slow but if im in the program and then plug the wimodem into power its fine any idea whats up with that? is it normal for a modem to cause slow down like that?
  21. Thanks guys the eBay one looks good but the shipping for that is 20$ gah! I’ll prolly go for the Rakuten one, sucks paying that much for a cable but I guess that’s the only option. The thing I miss about the states is being able to get things cheap on amazon and eBay.
  22. yea i just saw that problem is shipping to japan says its 60$
  23. i plugged it into the 25 pin connector on the back so that is obviously not the right thing. looks like i need a 25pin to 8pin mini-din is that right? any idea where i could get one of those?
  24. hey guys just got my mac classic II to boot with a scsi2sd thanks to some help from you all so thanks. my next task is to try to connect to some bbs systems. i have a wimodem, which can be seen here https://www.cbmstuff.com/cart.php although mine doesnt have the oled screen, i am trying to use it with mac terminal 3.0. but im having some issues when i plug in the modem the computer starts running very slow/locking up. if i turn the computer off and try to boot with the modem connected i get a disk? logo. I think that is due to the scsi settings perhaps? my scsi2sd is set to scsi device 1 and
  25. oh my goodness i just got it to boot up. its currently set up as an external but i had to change the scsi from device 0 to device 1 and it just worked. im so excited.
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