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  1. I followed your advice and tried my flux pen and dragging the iron across the pins. It was definitely much easier and quicker than the solder paste and heat gun I had been using.
  2. I just got both of them working. I must have removed and re-soldered the SoC 5 times on each board and I still kept getting the same error. In total frustration I took one of the boards to the kitchen sink and gave it a good scrub with soapy water and a toothbrush. You would scarcely believe it now worked.....not only that my second board also came good after a good scrub.
  3. Thankyou that is a huge help. I'm going to go back and very carefully redo the SoC pins. Ive been looking for the problem on the software/firmware side. The problem occurred in both boards that I made and my thinking was that it would be difficult to repeat the same problem twice on both boards. I agree with you saying the SoC is tight, I might go as far as saying f$&@ing tight.
  4. I recently decided to try and make my own scsi2sd v4.2 from the project shared on github. I've managed to build 2 boards and flash a hex file to the cypress chip and then upgrade the firmware. It's at this stage I've come unstuck. I have not been able to get the board to work on a compact mac, having tried several firmware versions and different combinations of both V3 and V4 versions of the software provided on github. Both boards fail the self test on the configuration utility and I've now come to a dead end on where to proceed from here. I was wondering if anyone cou
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