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  1. Finally met up with @joshc a couple of days ago to trade things, came away with another Q800. It's in better condition than mine, so I spent a little while swapping all my fancy bits over. Of course the PSU is dead, so ATX bodge PSU to the rescue for the time being.
  2. Got around to breaking into the remaining two compacts from the haul, a Classic II and a Classic. The reason these two have taken longer is that they both have case screws that were rusted to an extent that I couldn't get them out with conventional weapons, and I needed to grab my metal drill bits from storage. This is what the Classic II looked like prior to drilling. Opening them up presented more bad news, both machines have succumbed to battery damage, as honestly was expected. So that's four Classics and a Classic II that's now due to be stripped for parts.
  3. Cool, in that case I'll send the dead boards over to @joshc when I see him next and he can distribute them if required.
  4. If @Kai Robinson wants a dead board (I have three, potentially four when I manage to break into the fourth Classic I have), I'll happily send one over. We're in the same country so no big deal with that.
  5. So I don't derail this thread, I've done a quick write-up on my adventures here.
  6. In an unexpected twist of fate, even though I've been trying slim down 'The Collection', I was offered six compacts for free, being told that were destined to the tip otherwise. So off I went. What I ended up with was four Classics and two Classic IIs. As you can see, they're not in the the best condition. But hey, they were free. Let's open them up and see what's what. Firstly, two of the machines (a Classic and a Classic II) have screws so rusty that they're going to have to be drilled out, which is a job for another day. Sadly, the three rem
  7. Here's a bunch of Classics that I obtained today, and what happened when I opened them up. Three different machines, blown batteries, trashed logic boards, and completely rotten chassis.
  8. I do understand this. However, interest generated by a 3rd party =/= a requirement to have things to sell. That's up to Bolle as to whether he wants to take advantage of the interest that the press has generated. Not sure on that one. The below comment seems to suggest otherwise. I'm not sure what 25,862 views (as of right this second) is worth in Youtube revenue, but I'd imagine that it must be a sore point that someone else is getting that because they've got an accelerator card. Besides;
  9. Has Bolle ever mentioned selling the SE/30 replica boards? Just because he made a small batch, doesn't mean that they're automatically for sale. And I think the clue may be in the results; if there's nothing advertised, there's nothing for sale. Leave the guy alone, he's one guy doing something for fun. He doesn't have to do this all, especially not for people feeling entitled. Be grateful that he does, rather that just butthurt because you've missed out on everything so far.
  10. Hey, thanks for linking me to this thread! I have an IINT with the exact same symptoms, I haven't tested the fuser yet in an electrical fashion, but swapping a couple of PSU components sounds far easier and cheaper. Will get some parts ordered and see what happens.
  11. Let me know when you need me to send you over a 'SE/40' sticker to join the club
  12. @Hopfenholz Even if that did fit, it's a little unnecessary as the G3 already has 6MB VRAM and a Wings card, so it'll happily do most resolutions anyway.
  13. The AppleCD 150 and 300 (the caddy-loading CD-ROM drives) are notorious for not reading CD-R (and CD-RW) disks. The easiest solution is to find an AppleCD 600 or 1200 (the tray-loaders) which are less picky. It does mean you might have to change the front bezel too though, but it's an idea.
  14. I am letting go of it, but it's going to someone who will appreciate it and will live on attached period-correct hardware, as the deity intended.
  15. Just checked, it's the standard one (A9M0303P) rather than the wide model.
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