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  1. I can't help myself sometimes. Met @Damian Ward today (lovely chap) and came away with a rare Workgroup Server 8550 (effectively a 8500 with the AV stuff removed) that needs a bit of work, and a Quicksilver G4 (733MHz). Unfortunately life means I won't be able to get around to the 8550 for a few weeks, but I've got the G4 fired up and it is excellent.
  2. Mine's a RevF, not the latest, but does use the same 6.3.1 firmware (22nd April 2020) as the '2020' version. Never turned on SCSI2. Mine would crash out when doing installs (always at the 'writing' stage), and sometimes doing file copies. I could also get a working system through copying the System Folder, but it's not an ideal solution.
  3. I took this option; my iBook G3 refused flat to even see my Ubiquiti AP. I acquired a WRT54G from eBay for minimal cost and have hooked it up set to hidden just for my iBook, works perfectly. Saying that, I think I've got a WPC54G card floating around somewhere that I could part with, if you'd like to test.
  4. Hopefully you haven't bought one yet, but the SE/30 and the SCSI2SD V6 are not friends; I found this out to my disadvantage. The V5.1 works perfectly, however.
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a try and report back
  6. As requested. These settings work perfectly in my LC475, FWIW.
  7. Thanks for chiming in. SCSI2SD is set to the defaults, if anyone has better suggestions then I'll try them immediately. Appreciate the link; the poster said that they tried 6.2.9 which worked fine; I was already on 6.3.1 but dropped it back down to 6.2.9, but that didn't make a difference for me.
  8. Run out of ideas on this one. No matter what I do, my SE/30 gives me 'address error' when I'm trying to install anything. I've tried multiple SD cards in my SCSI2SD, and according to MacCheck, the RAM is fine. It will also do the same thing whilst trying to initialize the HDD, with Finder or Apple SC HD throwing the error instead. Does anyone have any ideas? Spec: SE/30, 4MB RAM, SCSI2SD V6.
  9. And now for something I really didn't need and spent too much money on. SE/30 in 'extra mature' yellow. 4MB RAM, 20MB HDD (working!), currently running 6.0.8 but that'll change. It's a little 'used' cosmetically but nothing above some light scrapes and general yellowing. The seller claims it's been recapped too, so I can't complain too much. I've rather overspent on the vintage Macs this month so I won't be doing anything particularly drastic to it for now. Next month, however, I'll up the RAM to 32MB and get looking for an A/UX-compatible network card.
  10. Let's see if it works first. That'll decide it's fate. Then I can go about making it look pretty less beaten up.
  11. I do have the power button and the CDROM bezel, except they require some attention from some glue. I'll put it all back together properly if the machine turns out to work.
  12. Starting a generic thread because I have a feeling it's going to grow. Time for the first entry in 'tales from Paulie's living room floor'. So it was a productive weekend in terms of beige Macintosh acquisition. After losing out on a decently spec'd but overpriced LC475 on eBay due to the seller refusing to actually let me have it for the winning bid (that's a story in and of itself), I decided to reinvest the money in something else. Not very long later I found a Power Macintosh G3 (of the beige variety) a reasonable distance away. Three hours later; I had it in my pos
  13. Basically I got jealous of other user's iBooks, and wanted my own one. Got it reasonably cheap and it's in pretty good condition. Currently loaded with 10.1 but am planning on making it 9.2.2 only. Has 128MB RAM but I have a 512MB stick ready to go in.
  14. May be an obvious question, but does it chime if you plug headphones into it? Mine doesn't chime (I think the speaker is dying/dead), although occasionally it makes a weird garbled sound. The chime comes through fine through the headphone socket, though.
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