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  1. @Hopfenholz Even if that did fit, it's a little unnecessary as the G3 already has 6MB VRAM and a Wings card, so it'll happily do most resolutions anyway.
  2. The AppleCD 150 and 300 (the caddy-loading CD-ROM drives) are notorious for not reading CD-R (and CD-RW) disks. The easiest solution is to find an AppleCD 600 or 1200 (the tray-loaders) which are less picky. It does mean you might have to change the front bezel too though, but it's an idea.
  3. I am letting go of it, but it's going to someone who will appreciate it and will live on attached period-correct hardware, as the deity intended.
  4. Just checked, it's the standard one (A9M0303P) rather than the wide model.
  5. Further investigation into the scanner reveals that the bulb isn't dead, it's missing entirely. Not entirely sure what I'll do as some research reveals it uses unobtainium Toshiba bulbs that appear to exist just for this; I've found some on eBay but they're in the 'states and they want a ridiculous amount for shipping. I already have a SCSI flatbed that's considerably better than this one, so in two minds of what to do with it. The best plan I've come up with so far is to put it in my storage unit and worry about it later.
  6. Wow I really have not kept this thread up to date with things I've ended up with. So recently I came across a listing for a bunch of printers and miscellaneous other things; and ended up winning it for the starting bid (£50). Spent the morning today testing everything. (Also got a working and nicely yellowed AEK2 from the same guy). So in this lot there is: 2x Personal LaserWriter 320. One of them is a bit beaten up and flashes a continuous error code, the second needed a paper tray and rear cover because of broken plastics, but otherwise works, so I've combined them in
  7. Have you got the 'board out already? Maybe you might have to lead the charge on documenting this. If it wasn't such a faff to do and I had a reason to do it, I'll pull my 1400 apart and document it myself.
  8. @jimbojones No worries, I'll keep my eye on that.
  9. @jimbojones apologies I've just seen this, I haven't really visited these forums much over the last month. If you've still got the machine, I'm definitely interested.
  10. @jimbojones apologies I've just seen this, I haven't really visited these forums much over the last month. If you've still got the machine, I'm definitely interested.
  11. I can't help myself sometimes. Met @Damian Ward today (lovely chap) and came away with a rare Workgroup Server 8550 (effectively a 8500 with the AV stuff removed) that needs a bit of work, and a Quicksilver G4 (733MHz). Unfortunately life means I won't be able to get around to the 8550 for a few weeks, but I've got the G4 fired up and it is excellent.
  12. Mine's a RevF, not the latest, but does use the same 6.3.1 firmware (22nd April 2020) as the '2020' version. Never turned on SCSI2. Mine would crash out when doing installs (always at the 'writing' stage), and sometimes doing file copies. I could also get a working system through copying the System Folder, but it's not an ideal solution.
  13. I took this option; my iBook G3 refused flat to even see my Ubiquiti AP. I acquired a WRT54G from eBay for minimal cost and have hooked it up set to hidden just for my iBook, works perfectly. Saying that, I think I've got a WPC54G card floating around somewhere that I could part with, if you'd like to test.
  14. Hopefully you haven't bought one yet, but the SE/30 and the SCSI2SD V6 are not friends; I found this out to my disadvantage. The V5.1 works perfectly, however.
  15. Thanks, I'll give that a try and report back
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