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  1. Ahh I see, I read that backwards then. Finally putting in a mouser order for caps tonight.
  2. Thanks! Interesting diagram. My yoke cable is A, has the "square" component next to it (not sure what it is) but has an Oval Hole? So I'm guessing A, but that oval hole is throwing me off It says: > Note: There are two versions of the Macintosh Classic power/sweep board: Rev A and Rev B. These two power/sweep boards are functionally equivalent but are not interchangeable. The Macintosh Classic II always contains the Rev B board. So if my Classic 1 is indeed an A - I will not be able to test it with my Classic 2's AB.
  3. Is there a list of the caps needed for the analog board? There are so many on the board! Console5 has a kit, but doesn't list what is included https://console5.com/store/macintosh-classic-and-classic-ii-analog-pcb-cap-kit-for-p-n-630-0525.html Branchus Creations has a video on it, though it's for the international version. (Also if the boards are the same as the classic II I can test everything in my II to rule things in/out.) @LaPorta good idea - I did put some heat tape on there, but not enough i guess. Very minor discoloration, but will try yo
  4. Caps Removed very cleanly from board. Used hot air gun. Hard to not heat the plastic power adapter on the motherboard. Also retinned a leg on the Y1 that was very dark. Still need to pull Analog board out to get stock of caps needed for it. Might as well service the floppy drive tonight too - ~5 superficial rust spots on it, maybe some cap leakage, cleaning up nicely though.
  5. Hello all, Another restore thread (I like following these for other people, so I hope you do too) Picked up a Mac Classic (1) from craigslist for $40 (they were asking $100, but accepted my offer right away, worth it to haggle - untested, dirty, yellow: Had some interesting stickers/post it note (that must have been on there for 20 years, seems "original" and survived all this time lol) You can see too how yellow/dirty/discolored the case is here too. Inside was "ok" lots of dirt in the fan, but just a bit everywhere else.
  6. Despite the outside, the Classic's insides are very clean. Minor cap leak, battery is a blue one I've not seen before, but removed of course! And a RAM riser card. Will start a restore thread
  7. LED Cinema Display: Display Type: LCD Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (QHD/WQHD - Wide Quad High Definition) UI Looks like: 2560 x 1440 Framebuffer Depth: 30-Bit Color (ARGB2101010) Display Serial Number: 2A0454LL6JL Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: Supported Automatically Adjust Brightness: No Connection Type: Thunderbolt/DisplayPort (3072*1920) (laptop screen) + ((2560*1440)*2) == 13,271,040 pixels? vs the classic's 512 × 342 == 175,104 pixels
  8. Have a few items coming up. Today I got 2x apple displays (not sure exact model. From work clearing out office). A very dirty Macintosh Classic, and a raspberrypi 3. (more excited to crack open the classic vs everything else!) Some more pickups coming this weekend too.
  9. Great content as always @JDW - Thanks for the mention at the end! I though how could a case review be a 1 hour video, watched it, and didn't realize an hour had gone by While I do think the clear case looks nice, I think it's "not for me" - I like the look of an original retro-brighted case. If you haven't, consider a donation to his channel! Making in depth videos like this is time consuming I'm sure.
  10. I'm running 7.1 Update 3 on my Color Classic (just got it running two days ago) - 7.1 will need system enabler 401 as I learned. Another option for managing multiple system folders is to use System Picker, allows you to bless different folders. Eg install System 7.1, then rename it to "System 7.1" and install 7.5, rename it to "System 7.5" and use System Picker to reboot between the two/three/etc https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/system-picker
  11. Thanks everyone, up and running with the new HDD and caps. Will do some "burn in" to make sure everything is ok before cleaning it up and putting it back together. Kids will be happy to draw(in color!) and play some color Oregon Trail tonight
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