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  1. Good call, have seen this done before but I haven't tried it. Found a thread on a similar problem from 2019 though it never wraps up - just goes off topic on WD-40 http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?68426-Mac-Classic-Analog-Board-Low-Voltage-Problems Has a few things to try though. Edit: Reading through chapter 9 here - a ton of things to try http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Repair_books_files/Mac Classic %26 SE Repair and Upgrade Secrets.pdf
  2. Only 7.1? I just extracted a fresh blank, booted up in my SE/30 7.5.3 and "injected" the blank - showed up as "Untitled" - My SE/30 is stock with a Ethernet card. Sorry not much more help other then "it works for me"
  3. Soap, water, magic eraser and it's now "clean" - removing the stickers you can see the original color. The front actuallyd came out quite nicely and not yellowed much. Took a few minor spots of rust off and cleaned the inside too. If anyone has ideas on my "needs warming up" recapped PSU I'm all ears. Will be trying some retro bright on the back cover next week as it's so discolored.
  4. Wow! Hope there's one or two versions of things not uploaded to the garden yet. I recently went through about 70 800k disks and 25% of them were unreadable - be interested in your % bad after you've gone threw them.
  5. Analog board recapped, always triple check, had one marked down wrong (luckily noticed before we started) Still the same issue of needing to be "warm" to boot & for the waves to go away. Anyone have suggestions on what component might need to be "warmed" up to be replaced? Thanks!
  6. Caps came yesterday - did the logic board today and tested it in my working Classic II - wish more Macs came with bootable rom. The recap went well, always one joint I dont like and have to retouch. First boot it gave me a checkerd screen, then rebooted a few times in a row, then was fine. Subsequent reboots had no issue. Analog board will be tonight or tomorrow.
  7. I took a known good PSU from an SE and put the recapped analog board on that, tested the voltages, all was good and booted right up (well brightness was all the way down, so that took a few minutes of debugging ) Question still remains, what should I do with this Astec PSU.
  8. Hi! I'm trying salvage what I can from a maxwell bomb SE/30 and recapped it's analog board so far and was going to test it. Before I test the analog board I wanted to make sure the power from the PSU was correct. It's an Astec PSU. I took some readings and they were not "stable" mostly going up and up as it got warmer and "odd" numbers (not 12,5,etc). If someone has the pin voltages at the PSU output connector I'd appreciate it! My google searches came up empty. Thanks, Quick edit - I think this diagram R, Y, O, G (colors) is what I'm looking for
  9. I just installed/did the same thing today on my color classic and got it working. Fresh copy of 7.1 Installed Driver Disk that came with card. Reboot. Installed open transport 1.3. Reboot. Opened TCP/IP, manually set my IP address (I believe inaccurate time can have an effect on getting dhcp leases) - You can get the TCP/IP info from another machine on the network, just change the IP to something unused Started Fetch, ftp'd to my laptop. It can be as "simple" as that. I've learned to leave all the other networking control panels/etc alone.
  10. Yes, please do! Always fun to follow along. Good find - looks like a fun project.
  11. I really do appreciate the guidance. I personally feel uncomfortable with my current knowledge to pick exactly what I need. I ended up going with a Console5 kit as it's the easy way out (found they list all the exact info on their wiki pages). And honestly the price was within $2. I'm glad I went through everything as detailed as I did as now I have a map out of every part, value, etc for when the parts come. Now we play the waiting for capacitors game.
  12. Right - I did look them up and provided what I think is a valid option - but the comment "crazily tiny" are what worry me. I'm not an EE - I don't know what I don't know I'm learning and want to know more!
  13. Here's the mouser cart with locations, though 2 of them are out of stock... Since this is my first time doing a direct order could someone help validate these replacements? (or offer their suggestions) Current Cart: https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=48e4badd71 1000uF 35V Out Of Stock https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/667-EEU-FS1V102LB Replacement? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Wurth-Elektronik/860040578014?qs=0KOYDY2FL2%2Fruv7wsM5kuA%3D%3D 470uF 25V Out Of Stock https://www.mouser.com/Product
  14. Thanks for the info on the cable. It's from my parents house and our first computer was a Plus so that's a bit odd we'd have it. The computer and printer came from a consignment shop in Slayton, MN! Cables and Plus books from my parents. Other from a friend. Lot of stuff all over, just need to have friend and family looking out for ya! Also CL, Facebook, here, (almost never eBay)
  15. Here's the haul from today - SE dual 800k floppies, in box everything, almost mint. Along with an ImageWriter II in excellent condition. 2 ADB keybaords, 1 ADB mouse 250 USB Zip Drive Floppy Disk holder Mac Plus books Palm Pilot Windows 95 on disk!? Bunch of SCSI/etc cables Keyspan ADB to USB adapter DB15 to VGA PS2 to Serail USB modem? (has USB and RJ11, with an apple logo?) Weird Cable (more below) I have no idea what that cable is on the bottom with the gray apple logos are, only h
  16. @LaPorta Thanks for the list via email. I'll share a cart after I order. Removed all caps from the analog board and validated all the values. Used solder sucker, worked well. No real issues besides getting heat on bigger pads.
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