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  1. Yep! Also be sure to take off the white back panel on the back of the analog board and clean that side as well. That's where my shorts were happening.
  2. Quite happy with the results, I kept the cover off to compare. Used 64oz of 3% peroxide, few table spoons of oxy, in a clear plastic storage bin, with a few landscaping rocks to take up volume inside and the rest filled with water. No streaking at - the slight variation on the picture is just water I wiped away before taking the pic. Front, keyboard, and back panel are in waiting for the sun tomorrow.
  3. Mine looked ok too, but then I cleaned a bit and it showed. Then cleaned a lot more and it started working In addition to that I have all the original measurements, specs, ratings in a google doc here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vQ4IIm9_V-ht-noaTYUQ69uDTa02m2Z8GZHQKsP4WaBg9rQlXHsYZ6kUW_RX5F-2K7YvoxllFaBglhR/pubhtml?gid=1456052816&single=true&widget=true&headers=false I've been documenting all my recaps and will be sharing hopefully a comprehensive list of caps, parts, kits, etc soon.
  4. I just did a console5 classic 1 recap - went well, just a ton of them! Also checkout my classic 1 restore thread (in sig) - my analog board needed a through cleaning as there were shorts from the cap gunk on it. I have a few links to some trouble shooting material in there too.
  5. Me too - I do web/*nix/backend development by day - would love to dig into how this all works!
  6. there was definitely something on the back running down the side (you can see the yellow gunk on the second picture of the back, it ran all the way down and onto the front knobs) It was causing shorts. Maybe not caps, maybe water damage or something else. It was stored in a basement for years. After I cleaned it I put it all back together and still has a single vertical line of course. I really like the look of this monitor too - was the one I spent most of my youth staring at If i'm going to do this what would be the first course of trouble shooting? What
  7. Well finally got back to this project - I tested all the items marked, none have shorts. I went further and removed the board from the case so I could get a closer look, and I'm pretty sure the large cap leaked as there was gunk all the way down the board. I cleaned it best I could. Looking closely I can see a bunch of burnt areas on the board near some resistors, and those resistors are burnt out. Not sure If I replace those if it would work. Half debating gutting this and fitting a 15" lcd panel in it.
  8. Great video, I'm going to see if I can follow the same procedure for the SCSI selector on my external CD ROM drive - put a 300i in a Panasonic SCSI enclosure (Panasonic drive was dead) - would be nice to be able to select the ID's.
  9. Can you show a picture of that? I hope you don't have to go down the on board ram path!
  10. If you haven't tried a known good set of ram I'd do that, my se/30 showed this with bad ram. Seems like you've tested almost everything else!
  11. Not quite sure yet heading out on vacation tomorrow so will be doing some reading thinking on it. Will let you know what I choose.
  12. I've solved the Analog board issue! After reading both links above I looked at my board again. There was a lot more electrolytes on the bottom side than I thought - it's not the normal "shiny grime" - more of a slight discoloration - and there was so much of it i honestly thought it was just the normal color of the PCB! I scrubbed a lot with 99% IPA between each contact that i thought could be a bridge and used a tooth pick to clean crust off. Focusing on LL1/LL2 and the other major components. I did note there is quite a bit of yellowing of traces that probably got too hot at one
  13. 12% hair product (thought it was 40%, but the label was misleading!) and oxi - the "classic" method I suppose. Still a bit of reading to do. I've done the sun only with good success, but this one is quite yellowed.
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