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  1. So far I've gone through almost everything: Salvaged Shell/speaker - good condition, just a little dirt Internal mounting brackets - rusty, but sanded off nicely, will coat with some prevent HDD Bracket / Power / SCSI cables - in my other SE/30 that was missing them RAM - 1x4mb and 1x256k OK - 1x4 is in my other SE/30 now Analog board/PSU - looks in good shape, need to test. Unsalvageable: CRT - cracked tube on back. HDD (tried, but made terrible noise once the heads moved, may pull of logic board as I have a few similar) EM shiel
  2. The card overall looks to be in good, one bad cap.
  3. Anyone have more information on the video card? Will it work with any monitor? Do I need drivers? Can't find much info beyond what was posted here.
  4. Yes, that was just my Nth attempt and I wanted to record the wobble
  5. Well I got the yellow ones in the mail yesterday. Will not boot in any combination. Also they are thinner then the other ram so doesnt feel secure when seated, wobbles a mm or two each way. Will try a few more things but glad I got on Amazon so returns shouldn't be a hassle... Edit: the fit is the issue, I propped it up for gravity to assist, gave them each a wiggle and it booted.... So u guess if you don't mind bumping your desk and your ram gets unseated... Edit2: actually while it does boot it is not seen, so likely only visiting because not seated properly.
  6. Traces all surprisingly look OK, but the SMT chips were so rusted they just pushed off with light rubbing. Replacing those is beyond my skill. Will clean it up and maybe someone else could rescue it or salvage chips.
  7. RAM looks surprisingly fine. PSU and analog board look fine. Floppy is rusted in so not hopeful.
  8. Thanks @ArmorAlley! Card looks physically fine, besides one bad cap. Worst battery I've seen, don't think this motherboard will make it.
  9. Just picked this one up for $50 on Fb, a bit rough on the outside, but has an interesting card in it. Opening it up now to see what's in store...
  10. Thank you both for the info on booting/rominator. Never thought to look on amazon for 30 pin simms
  11. Hi all! Just finished my first recap of an SE/30 - was quite the job, but it works! This is my first SE/30 so trying to learn what's possible for my machine. Now I need to find some ram. I only have 1mb in it currently, so no system 7. My goal would be to have System 7.5.5 on it - I do have a network card so I'd like to go online/transfer files/etc. OWC has new 16mb modules - And 64mb seems overkill. - 64mb(16x4) $48 - $0.75/mb Ebay/etc have a lot of 4mb though they'd cost about 2x more per mb as OWC. I don't see any 8mb 30pin simms for sale
  12. I recently ordered some replacement gears from here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/27DNUVPJA/replacement-floppy-drive-gear-for-macintosh-comput $8 for 12 parts + shipping The design is opensource, you can find the 3d files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4167139 I have quite a few drives I'm replacing the gears in so I'll post my experiences here. Replaced my first drive a 800k External Floppy P/N 825-1174A that was not ejecting. You can see the in the first picture the state of the old gear, it denigrates to the touch. The ejec
  13. I have the exact same wire on my Classic II too, so I think a factory defect fix is probably accurate. (and yes that battery was removed right after that photo
  14. I believe the fan is getting voltage but not spinning - also there are 2 wires next to the fan's power that loop into a plastic holder and a resistor(?) or something seems to be there. maybe a safety if the fan isnt running? Are there any schematics for this PSU? I cant seem to find them.
  15. Thanks for the pointer @cheesestraws - after taking a closer look at the back the J4 connector had bad solder joints - along with a few other places that I didn't see on the first pass. I reflowed them and it works like a charm. The Dead Mac Scrolls is quite handy!
  16. Hi all, I'm scoping what I need to fix my Mac Plus analog board. The Mac Plus does work, it chimes and putting a floppy in will boot, but the screen is blank. The "smack the left side hard" did work and flicker the screen, though it of course is not a solution! I believe the Flyback Transformer is shot - I've attached a photo where you can see the leads are burnt almost and some corrosion on the top - though I'm not quite sure what it should look like. The board looks otherwise ok - not a lot of bulging or corrosion outside of the flyback. So my que
  17. Thanks for the info @Unknown_K! This will be just for the 7600. Went with the 6x64MB Apple PowerMac 168-pin FPM 4K 5V Buffered DIMM (p/n APL168B64/4K) @ $9 to make it 416mb of RAM total. More then I need but will give me some room to play. Edit: whoops, just noticed I posted this in the NuBus form - apologies!
  18. Here's the conflicting information I'm reading: http://macgurus.com/products/motherboards/mbppc75-7600.php vs. https://www.oempcworld.com/support/mac_memory_explained.html Which leads me to think that FPM is the way to go?
  19. The more I read the more confused I get when choosing the right RAM for my 7600/120. I currently have 2x16 == 32mb of ram but would like a bit more to run OS 9. This page lists many different types that are "compatible" with the 7600 - https://www.memoryx.com/powermac7600.html EDO or FPM? - Which is preferred? Can they be mixed? How do I tell what I have in it currently? 2k/4k refresh? - Spec seems to be 2k but does 4k work (seems to be more 4k out there) 60/70ns? - Can they be mixed? How do I tell what I have? What is preferred? 5V - Yes ECC - No
  20. Hi all! I am restoring my Performa 6115CD. It had a bad battery so required the double tap to warm start. Ordered some batteries. While I waited I opened it up and saw the PSU was caked in dust. I removed it, opened it, blew it out with compressed air and put it back together. I used some isopropyl alcohol and removed some dust on the motherboard (let it dried for days) - no leaky caps I could see - just lots of dust. Battery arrived, put it in, now it doesn't start at all. Power button seems to do nothing, I hear no HDD, no LEDs, nothing. I have a multimeter but not su
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