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  1. My SE/30 was made in August of 1991 in Ireland. Quite a late one I think.
  2. Hello, You should de-solder the keyswitch from the keyboard and open it up to give it a good clean. I was doing this to my new IIe recently and I was surprised how much dust was inside some of the keyswitches that worked intermittently or were sticky. Also, keyswitches can be tested with a multimeter.
  3. If I can't use a command to boot from a CD drive I use a SSW 7.5.5 Network Access Disk that has been gutted of all of its non important files and has had the Apple CD extension added. Essentially this enables you to start up your Macintosh from a floppy disk and a CD should appear on the desktop.
  4. I recently serviced a later model ImageWriter II and it was a hell of a job to do. The Apple service manual is not very clear in my opinion. Every electric motor has a service point for oil. I'll get a ribbon for it but I don't think I'll use it much. I can't wait for the final result.
  5. You can replace the stem but you will need to desolder the keyswitch from the keyboard and take it apart.
  6. Denus, Is that a Miniscribe HDD? Does it suffer from the common 'stiction' problem? I have one that works but the stiction renders it useless.
  7. ^Unfortunately I could not find out much information about this card; I also could not find any drivers. Do accelerators need drivers?
  8. To initialise and format SCSI hard drives I swear by Anubis Utility by CharisMac. Norton Utility will scan and repair volume errors.
  9. I only installed mine a few times because I felt that it did not fit into the SE case properly. You had to force it in and when it was in did looked warped.
  10. I had a board that looked very similar to that. It was called 'Orion' by MacPeak systems.
  11. I put mine through my washing machine and now it looks great!
  12. Hello all, Beside me I have a Macintosh SE/30 with a clean install of System Software 7.1 running off a 2.1GB IBM hard drive. The problem begins when I try to copy a small file from a floppy disk to the hard drive. I am presented with the following error message: 'There is not enough room on the disk ''Macintosh HD'' to copy ''File X'' (an additional 2,040MB is needed.)' I am not allowed to copy anything to the hard drive! Has anybody ever experienced this before?
  13. After you have recapped the AB use this chapter to make sure that all of the voltages are in spec.
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