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  1. I hope it's okay to bring this topic back up, I recently got a PowerCenter Pro 180 that has the exact same symptoms as described above - it will power on and chime, but there will be no video output. I've dried a Dell VGA LCD monitor and a Macintosh 16" color display. I pressed the CUDA reset switch, that did not help. I put in a fresh PRAM battery. I also tried pressing Cmd-Opt-P-R but nothing happened - it did not reset like it should when zapping the PRAM. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do next to try to diagnose the problem?
  2. I recently picked up a few fully functional standard SEs. I swapped the ROMs and SWIM chip out of the FDHD into one of the other SE boards, and it works perfectly fine, reads HD floppies and everything. When I insert or remove chips into the sockets on the FDHD logic board, it sounds very scratchy, so I wonder if the problem is just oxidation in the sockets. What is the recommended type of Deoxit to clean those out?
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Macintosh SE FDHD that has trouble booting. When I power it on, it plays the startup chime, and shows the standard 1-bit gray screen, but it never displays a pointer, Happy Mac, Sad Mac, blinking ?, blinking X, or anything; just 1-bit gray. It will not boot from a floppy or external SCSI device. Pressing reset causes it to chime again and the gray screen persists. Pressing interrupt shows a Sad Mac with the code 0000000F 0000000D, which goes away on reset. I also tried resetting the PRAM to no effect. I just opened up the machine this week. Th
  4. I love that backlit shot of the analog board. Nice numpad too.
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