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  1. Recapping gone a little bad. Can someone tell me what the plus side of C14 connects to? (Or point me to schematics... seem to be tough to locate. Thanks!
  2. Its an early USA model with the bulky square plug that that has lost one if its directions. Moves vertically but not horizontally. Other mice work fine on the computer. I gather that optical emitter/detector pain has failed. The optical pairs are built into the internal roller assembly Difficult to strip down it seems. So a swap of the entire internal assembly is necessary? I have a few other working models. One is a made in japan rounded corner plug type, and one is from a IIe. But the internal structures are different so simple swapping of the assembly isn't possible. Any tips? Than
  3. Yikes clever but round about solutions. I thought the HTML5 was the key to accessing media on old machines. But I recently read that in the case of Pandora, HTML5 is used for the user interface but media playing still needs flash. Argh. So does a console solution ala pianbar still need flash also? If so then that's not going to work either. Not looking good. I don't think I want to have another machine serve it up for the imac.
  4. I've scoured the web, no luck. I'm figuring there must be a way to get Pandora to work. Anyone crack this problem? HTML5 seems to be promising, but haven't found a a way to get it to go. Fee based Pandora One is said to use HTML5 but I'm not certain if this includes Tiger.
  5. Well what do I do with this card? I assume its monochrome because it has a 9 pin D. It doesn't kill the SCSI drive like the power book "superview" is said to, does it? Is it worth trying to find a monitor? Vertical one? Thanks!
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