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  1. To be honest. The whole setup ist for sale. I will put all the items on ebay the next weeks.
  2. It's ok for normal use, but not for gaming. The amount of colors will reduce the RAM from the powerbook. You can see it in the Screenshot That means less colors are better. You can use two diplays, one Monitor at each port. Right now I try different setups. Ok for Text. But all the extensions will blow up the System.
  3. What we see is a Powerbook 170 with an external Apple Studio Display, Radius SCSI PowerView graphics adapter, NeXT keyboard, black ADB mouse, TouchPad, QuickTake 150, SCSI PowerCD, Port Juggler, ADB-doubler, SCSI EZ 135 drive. The computer is networked via appletalk / Ethernet (IpNetRouter). You can surf the Internet, send e-mails, download data via FTP, etc. My goal was to set up the Powerbook 170 so that I can still work productively with it after 27 years: Write texts in Microsoft Word and save them in a file format that can also be read on modern computers. Challen
  4. To be honest, I have multiple rooms for my collection. It's always in progress.
  5. What‘s your favorite mobile device?
  6. Apple love ist a choice - and passion.... Mac OS, NeXT or BeOS?
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