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  1. I've installed ssheven on my IIfx and it works! A little on the slow side but definitely usable.
  2. I just ran Speedometer 4.02 on the upgraded 4-8 and got 0.300 on the 8-bit Quickdraw test with the 8-24GC driver disabled (the 4-8 is not an accelerated card). With acceleration enabled on the GC, the score improved to 0.420 on the 4-8. The same test run on the other monitor (connected to the GC) runs at 0.710 with acceleration enabled. It looks like the NuBus block transfer does help. Those values were indexed to a Quadra 605 if I remember correctly. So, not great, but not terrible either.
  3. Anyone interested in developing a 68040 PDS card for a IIfx? I realize this would require replacing a chip on the logic board as well. I'd be happy to help in any way I can!
  4. I think (and I could very well be wrong) that network traffic with both hosts on the same switch doesn't go beyond said switch. In that case, telnet is acceptable. I've got all the Macs and the Linux box on the same switch, so traffic doesn't make it past the switch unless it is broadcast. I checked this with Wireshark from a different machine not on the switch, and I only saw the broadcast packets.
  5. I run Linux (Ubuntu 20.04, Raspberry Pi OS) on pretty much everything I can. I set up one machine with a telnet server that is only visible to my internal network (in my case it’s a Core2 iMac, running Linux). Then, I can use a telnet client on my 68k Macs to telnet in, then SSH anywhere from there. Works well, and it gives me something to do with the old machines. BetterTelnet even runs on 8mhz Compact Macs.
  6. So, back to the 4.8... I have a single 256k 100ns VRAM SIMM (670-0269). I tried pairing that with a 512k SIMM I had lying around just to see if it would work (it doesn’t, as expected). Can I pair the 100ns SIMM with a 256K 80ns SIMM, or does it need to be a matching pair?
  7. This was my dream computer when I was a kid, though I never thought I’d actually own one. It’s still a beast!
  8. Outstanding! I had read somewhere that the 4•8 cards took special 64-pin SIMMs but a quick look confirms the slots are 68-pin. Thank you! I would appreciate some photos of your 8•24 GC SIMMs. I can confirm that the regular IIfx RAM does not fit. I'm not sure what advantage filling those slots would have outside of some specialized applications, but it would be cool to have the slots full. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I've recently acquired a Macintosh Display Card 4•8 as a companion for the 8•24GC in my IIfx. Are the 64-pin 256k VRAM SIMMs for this card available anywhere, or are they basically unobtainium at this point? Thanks, Casey
  10. I finally got around to fixing this. Found that I had put a 1 uf cap in the CF1 spot. Swapped in a 47 uf and things are PERFECT. Woohoo!
  11. So I checked the voltages again, and after recapping my 5V and 12V lines were low. Adjusted them properly and the screen wiggle is gone. Unfortunately, the "folded over" section of the screen is still there, and I haven't found any troubleshooting guide that mentions a problem like this. Are there any CRT gurus out there who have seen something like this before? I've tried the rear panel screen adjustment pots/coils without success. Regardless of adjustment, the upper limit of the screen will not go above the "fold" line.
  12. Yes. 5 and 12v look good. Adjusting vert and horizontal works as it should but doesn't get rid of the folded-over menu area...Reducing the overall vertical area does eventually get rid of it, but only when the area of the screen which is upside-down in the pic above is not used.
  13. Greetings fellow 68kMLAers! I have a Mac Classic that has had a bit of a screen wiggle during network activity and other power draws, so I went through the analog board and replaced (almost) all of the caps. I've previously replaced the logic board caps as well. Well...after doing that, the screen wiggle is still there, and the top of the screen is now "folded over", like shown in the photo. Has anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas where to start? Thanks, Casey
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