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  1. I don't own one but they arnt too expensive to get I would have to get a usb version though and get a usb to scsi adapter or if you were up for it I could possibly paypal you for the amount of the disk plus shipping.
  2. could I do this on a windows pc with system 7? also im trying to do this without a bootable drive as I have no 800k floppys with the system
  3. I have recently have been looking for a boot disk for the Macintosh plus and stumbled across a post of someone using a SCSI IOmega zip drive to download System 7 and boot a Macintosh. is this possible? And can someone explain it to me? and is it easy?
  4. as somewhat of a dummy myself I am stumped. im not that good in terms of breadboards and stuff, is there some way you could dumb this down for me? id prefer discord if you can AdonVonPanzern#6151
  5. So I recently got a Mac plus with only a mouse and was wondering if there was a way to solder a adb cable to a standers rj10 cable to use on the front of the mac plus
  6. Honestly the beat you could do on the cheep is take a few slim 40mm fans and build a air router type thing with a breadboard and a spare switch it’s basically what i did when i was in Florida fixing a friends mac plus.
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