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  1. If/When I get the ROM dumped, I will make them freely available to the community. Per DogCow’s research, the 2.45 ROM is from mid-March - mid-April 1983.
  2. awesome site. I’ve read every page on folklore.org. Great stories about the gestation and birth of a world-changing product. History told by those who made it.
  3. The ROMs of the other 2 were dumped. I just emailed the person who dumped them: James Macphail of Sigma Seven Systems in Vancouver BC. Hopefully I’ll hear from him soon.
  4. Indeed, the Twiggy drive in the Mac has a 20-pin connector.
  5. Thanks, Triptech. I just emailed James.
  6. Thanks again, olePigeon. I just emailed Marc.
  7. Holy crap - You’re right! Unfortunately, it’s empty. No Apple ID card, no reference card, not even a playing card.
  8. I just checked, thinking I might have overlooked it and wondering for a second or two if I’d find Steve Jobs’ Apple ID card or something. Alas, it doesn’t have a pull-out drawer. You’re welcome. I’m happy to share this odyssey.
  9. It’s the original belt. The battery wasn’t in it, thank god. No popped caps, no battery leakage. The Twiggy Mac, along with its keyboard and mouse had been in its original padded carry bag at least since the original owner died in the 1990s. The original owner was a member of Apple’s board of directors at one point in time and when he died, his daughter ended up with it. I’m her computer tech and she called me over one day to go through “a bunch of old equipment” to identify what to donate and what to throw away, and this old equipment included the Twiggy Mac.
  10. When I saw it, I called it an Albino Bigfoot.
  11. I’d be skeptical, too. This, however, is the real deal. I’m working on a proper write-up on my Twiggy Mac and what I know of its history that I’ll hopefully post this afternoon or evening. In the meantime, here are a few more photos:
  12. Thanks for this. I’ll contact him.
  13. Indeed, it’s a third Twiggy Mac. I’ll post more photos and video when I get home later today, but here’s a few more for now:
  14. It starts, but I need some help with the disk and/or Twiggy drive.
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