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  1. I think he's being nice to me in the hope of a Christmas tip (that tip being "Don't jump up and down on my parcels for the other 11 months of the year and you might actually get a tip")
  2. For absolutely no cash whatsoever, someone I helped with their iMac mailed me a shrinkwrapped boxed copy of Apple PC-Exchange As if that wasn't enough, the postman didn't jump up and down on it OK it might be worthless but given that I didn't even have to pay the postage I'm a happy chap
  3. Yep - held the reset button in for 30 seconds with power applied, power not applied, battery in, battery out etc. but nadda, zip, nowt, nothing...just the ever glowing green light
  4. Managed to get a replacement power board for my 2400 (thanks to a nameless soul on here who pointed me in the right direction ) All fitted, power applied and...still GLOD This kind of makes me think that it must be something else (well, durr), but anybody got ideas what?
  5. Really nice machine although I do hate you for getting yours for free and me having to pay over £500 for mine Worth upgrading the memory though if it is 512Mb. Mine shipped with 512Mb and was 'OK' - upped it to 1Gb recently and it now flies with 10.4
  6. I went through the same thing with my 333MHz Lombard. Hooked up a DVD drive, tried to get it to play DVD as a movie and...no dice. Did have some success using VLC under OS X but a frame rate of about 5fps was hardly great and it had a nasty habit of crashing. To get it to play DVD movies you need, as everyone else has said, the DVD decoder card. Annoyingly the 400MHz model comes with DVD decoder hardware built into the graphics system. Grrrrr And with 192Mb of RAM, OS 9 will play happily (wouldn't advise OS X though )
  7. Ok managed to fire the little beasts up last night. The 160 boots but the screen is screwed - it starts off OK and then either goes white (to the point of not being able to see anything) or decides to go totally yellow. Could just be a cabling issue, could be something nastier but a complete strip down is probably the order of the day. The 150, despite having a totally destroyed pair of screen hinges and screen bezel, is working perfectly...except for the hard drive having a nice 'whirr-click, whirr-click' soundtrack and refusing to boot (hardly surprising given a trashed HD). Screen looks
  8. Once I get a couple of spare hours, me and Mr Screwdriver will see what's what, work out where the damage is and what can be done. I don't really want to create a Franken-Mac if I can avoid it but as I can't remember what state my current 150 and 160 are in, it could be that I end up merging the two 150s together (and doing likewise for the 160s)
  9. Got an email about a month ago from some random stranger wanting help with their PB160. Tried helping, sorted out a boot disk etc. but looked like the HD had just given up. The woman then said thanks and said that she'd just trash it - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Anyway, long story short, I offered to take it off her hands and she sends me it for cost of shipping...as well as a PB150 They turned up this morning but I didn't have a chance to try any actual tests. The 160 is in good shape (missing its main battery but hardly a massive problem). The 150 is looking a little bit less healthy
  10. The price was right so I couldn't resist I also like the Mac connection (although the first, and only, computer at my school was a Beeb - No Macs in sight )(then again, this before the Mac was released so maybe that would explain why...) so I'll say that that justifies me posting about it
  11. I now consider myself soundly whipped and my wallet a little bit lighter
  12. OK so it's not exactly a Mac (well it's in no way a Mac in any sense and has no connection with Macs, Apples, Cupertino or Lord Jobs) but picked up a cardboard box last night through Freecycle. So, for zero cash, I scored... BBC Micro Model B Manuals 5.25" disk drive (with all cables to hook it up) A box of used 5.25" disks (sadly all dull database and office type stuff - no games ) A box of shrink-wrapped 5.25" floppy disks As if that wasn't enough, the little chap double-beeped straight into life. It was like being seven years old all over again
  13. Yes (and that's not just because you asked for a 'yes') - they'll need formatting but'll work fine
  14. I managed to find an internal SCSI CD-RW drive and my Quadra 840 was more than happy to take it. Then as Dana says, Toast is your friend...
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