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  1. Thanks for making this happen. In for 12 sets.
  2. Congrats @elemenoh! That is definitely an incredible haul..you could bootstrap and start a museum with the variety and uniqueness of those items. Bravo. As luck would have it I happened upon a craigslist post yesterday and picked up a similar item...at least it weight...maybe a pound less than your behemoth Color Display. A much smaller haul relative to yours but maybe interesting to others: + 1x Apple AppleVision 850AV monitor (78lbs, new in box) + 1x Laserwriter 12/600 (110lbs!, new in box) Surprised to find retail hardware untouched and
  3. Two sets of four please! Thank you for building this.
  4. Completely enjoying this journey and the creative solutions...particularly liked the Hot Sauce approach. ;-). Thank you for sharing. @bibilit thank you for the Vanish recommendation. I believe (but could be mistaken) that in the USA/Canada that powder is called Resolve Oxi Action (in-Wash Powder Stain Remover). I am curious what are the main ingredients in your Vanish powder?
  5. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
  6. I am interested in buying an adapter for IIsi when you are ready to sell/ship. Thank you for creating this useful adapter.
  7. Wow also impressed. Just got my EM-30L grease and went to work on an 800k floppy (Sony MFD-51W-10). Noticeable improvement. Thank you.
  8. Fantastic! Clever approach and just think of the time you will save. LaPorta Plug 'N Play (tm)
  9. Same same..count me in if you sell this board. Fantastic engineering @Bolle
  10. @LaPorta thank you for your sleuthing, looking forward to your video when you get some free time. Just ordered some EM-30L to replace my lithium grease. I am new to this Macintosh Compact refurbishing scene and on a steep learning curve the past 4 months. Thanks to this community...been invaluable and will hopefully contribute. I have refurbished 3 floppy drives (2 SuperDrives, 1 800k drive) and have 3 more to go. Tips [1] pull together a kit of QTips, toothbrush, soaking tub, ISA (99%), DeOxit, Silicone, EM-30L, Phillips scre
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