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  1. Good ol gum tree Australia. Was a school teacher’s machine. He is selling a classic and se also
  2. Ill give this a try on the hdd. I believe it can be revived
  3. It was advertised as not working. Took it home, hooked up a keyboard and mouse and away she went. No sound from the speaker, but works just fine out of the audio jack hooked up to my jbl go. 3rd bootup, and the hdd died (to be expected i guess) our family bought one new, and my brother sold it about 15 years ago. He cant sell this one lol
  4. I was picking up a desk for a friend, and at the place of pickup was a old pc looking case that was quite wide. So naturally i asked the old lady if i could have it, to which she agreed. I took it home, opened it up, and it looks like a old data backup system. No video out or provisions for input devices. Scsi and ethernet only. Its powered by a 68EC030 @ 40mhz. 4.5g hdd, dat drive. Ive raided everything and here are some pics. Could anyone please help identify the ram, and if anything is worth salvaging from this board?
  5. Hi everybody, and i hope your all doing well. i have this item in my watchlist, and im wondering if its damaged beyond repair, or worth getting, testing wont be an option, as the sale is interstate ebay id: 164161715713
  6. Looks fantastic. Multiplayer would make this one of the best 68k games available (pod racer type races)
  7. I didnt think it had any real value, was hoping it wasnt a value multiplier. Cheers cheesestraws
  8. hi all, Just curious about the first row on the capacitors that ill be replacing on a number of my macs. Ive noted everything down. For example, The 47uf 16v seems to be common, and on all macines measure 6.55mm, measured with a digital vernier. But the first row varies on each machine. The iisi is b4, lciii is 2t. 580cd is f4 and classic ii is 2u. What does it mean?
  9. Im in Australia, so ill buy the oscillator i was looking at, but the socket is a excellent addition. Thanks fizzbinn
  10. Can anyone tell me if this crystal oscillator is suitable for chipping my IIsi to 25mhz? https://au.element14.com/ael-crystals/o50m000000l687/crystal-oscillator-50mhz/dp/9510087
  11. Wow, that logic board has really been raided! This Iifx board has plenty of smd tantalum capacitors. Shame its fate is death by acid. A huge ask, but does anyone have a IIfx board they are willing to sell?
  12. hi everyone! Thanks for relisting me into this forum. Was a member 10 years ago, but had to re-register. Onto the topic at hand. Ive recently aquired the illusive IIfx, which ive been hunting for for a long time. Unfortunately, like many others i assume, has pram battery damage. Ive cleaned it up with isopropanol, but i think its toast. This machine has 128mb ram and the original 160mb 5 1/4 hdd. Id really love to have this beast running, and join my fleet of macs (re-capped se/30, LCIII, IIsi and a performa 580CD) also have 2 classic II's and a se
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