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  1. Made some progress on the SE/30, I actually got a 3rd one with a recapped logic board so I've been setting that up with a scsi2sd and Bolle's ethernet riser and cpu accelerator. Works excellent and I was able to pull files from an ftp server I made on a linux machine for drivers and everything. I'm still looking for a Micron Xceed if anyone has a spare, I really want greyscale for the programs I'm planning on using. System 7.5 is installed and I have a Rominator on the way to use more than 8mb ram but it's all set and ready to go. The plan is to use this until I get my boards back for my much
  2. Looks like the drivers solved it! That was a way longer process than I expected cause I wasn't set up for making Apple disks yet...
  3. I believe I'm running some version of system 6. Thanks for the link, I'll install those drivers
  4. Just installed a 16mhz Radius accelerator in my SE and I can definitely see the difference, it's significantly faster than stock. One quirk I've found though is the sound seems to be messed up. There's a lot of static in any music or anything more than just a simple beep. I'm stumped, do I need to install special software for this Radius board to fix it? I'm not sure where to start. I did confirm it wasn't the logic board by swapping in a known perfect one from another SE.
  5. So I just helped my friend sorting through a ton of his computer stuff to start selling it, and he gave me a very nice boxed Newton and Quicktake 150. Only problem is neither has the serial cables. Strangely they're both the Windows model, and the Newton has the Macintosh connection kit with it. I'd like to hook them up to a Windows machine, ideally my Dolch PAC 65 but I was wondering if anyone knew which cables I should get for them? Ideally I would want the Apple serial to db9, but db25 would also be fine. I did order one on amazon (link below) and it doesn't work at all. https:/
  6. I've got a friend with some dead Classics I'm gonna take a screen from. That's number one on my list after getting all the boards recapped!
  7. Ok now I'm getting excited to have this SE/30 repaired. My keyboard, mouse, and cd drive that I had on the shelf just happen to match it perfectly, along with my desk that's perfectly sized for it!
  8. That would be awesome, thanks! I wasn't going to throw anything away, just keep the old one around as spares. The power supply I'm pretty sure is dead too, the hard drive and fans fluctuate as if the power is dipping and coming back up constantly
  9. Looks like I've got someone who's going to do both logic boards, and the one analog board and psu that aren't destroyed, and I'm going to be looking for an SE as a donor for the other analog board and psu. Seems like it has a bad flyback and other damage so not worth repairing. I definitely am going to get ethernet and an accelerator. I may never use the extra power but I like maxing out everything I own. I'd also like to get one of those video cards that can show grayscale so I can play Dragon's Lair on it
  10. I actually appreciate the advertising, I'd definitely be interested in one of those adapters too! Is anyone making ethernet cards? I've heard those are hideously expensive...
  11. Actually yeah, I'd definitely be interested in one of those! Do the Powercache ones need one of those risers to fit in an SE/30? I'm just starting to learn the very basics of these things, I grew up only ever using PC's except at my school but they only had iMac g3's and eMacs so completely different.
  12. So I'm mainly a PC guy, collecting 80's and 90's stuff but these little Macs are starting to grow on me. I've picked up a few in the past couple months starting with a Mac Plus but now I also have an SE and 2 unfortunately dead SE/30's that seem to have analog board and/or power supply failure along with really bad burn in. I have 0 experience replacing smd caps so I'm having someone with a little more experience go over the logic boards. What I'm wondering is what I can do as far as expansion. I'd really like to get a cpu accelerator if I can find one for a decent price, and also probably eth
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