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  1. Yeah, I'll have to order a keyboard for the Sun. What's an FC drive? If I had the rainbow I'd show it but my friend took that lol Well actually they were sitting under the guy's porch for over a year, the pictures of the p75 and the IIc was absolutely disgusting lol. The IBM in the picture seems to work except the floppy and hard drive, and the same with the second except the video card has issues on top of that. They both need a recap really badly, trying to find someone who can do that for me
  2. Got another load of stuff a few days ago. It was $1000 for this stuff, 2 more Apple IIc's, 8 G5 towers, 6 or 7 Powermacs, an Apple IIe, a DEC Rainbow, and I can't remember what else, but I split it with my friend and paid $300 for what I got here plus some joysticks and a broken Mac IIvx. So I got 2 of the IBM P75 luggables, which I think cost around $15,000 new. They both have perfect screens and mostly work except the floppy and hard drives, and the one not pictured is kinda rough with a bad video card. The Sun works but I don't have the right keyboard for it, the IIc is untested but the mon
  3. I know he's going to use the player that they came with and I believe he's planning on using his Macintosh TV for the archival because it can control the player
  4. Thanks for the advice! I definitely need to get the caps replaced in the Portable but I think it'll work after that. I can't keep everything I got but the Lisa amd Portable are gonna get fixed and stay a while, and the Vectrex I'm absolutely keeping! That thing is so much fun
  5. No, this hard drive is just toast. Has to be the worst sounding drive I've ever heard. Incredibly loud and kinda sounds like stuff is bouncing around inside and makes some very concerning loud clicking noises. It did boot once but I think a head crashed or something
  6. Will do, I was planning on getting one although I do have 10 or 11 games with manuals and overlays for it already
  7. Yeah, those Laserdisks are going to my friend who has an archiving setup and I can image the training disks too
  8. Update: unstuck the drive and the Lisa actually booted! But only once... Hard drive is toast... I definitely want to get a new hard drive in it now but the x/profile is way out of my price range
  9. Ok, I'll check it out, thanks! And yeah this Portable looks pretty miserable to work on... Such a good looking machine though Unfortunately the Mac II's are pretty much just parts. 3 have some amount of leakage and I'm giving them away to a friend who can hopefully make 1 or 2 nice ones. The Portable is in great shape, no leakage there, just all the capacitors that are shot
  10. I've done 3 foam and foil keyboards before and swore I would never do another unless I got a Lisa, so I guess I'm doing 1 last one lol. I'll definitely look into the floppyemu, is there an off the shelf hard drive solution for these? Also, the Macintosh Portable needs a hard drive too, I know it's standard scsi but with a different connector, is there a cable I can use to hook up a scsi2sd or something after I get it recapped?
  11. Yeah, I want to try and find a modern hard drive solution and possibly floppy solution if I can't get the original floppy working. Also gonna order a Texelec foam and foil rebuild kit soon! First thing for the Lisa is to see if I can get someone to recap it, it really needs it. Until then it will.be an incredibly cool paperweight on my desk!
  12. So this weekend has been insane, on Friday I picked up this load of stuff from someone who had "a 128k macintosh and IBM PC". I got there and not only did they have that but a truckload of other stuff including a Lisa 2/10, pre-production demo unit Macintosh Portable, mint boxed Vectrex, and some presumably pretty rare Apple Laserdisks. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves cause I honestly don't know what some of this stuff is. I'm not really an Apple person, just started collecting Apple stuff last year so I don't know all the details yet. I think my favorite bit is an IBM 8513 PS/2 mon
  13. My plan is to run a scsi2sd on the original scsi card, the 68030 accelerator, I'd like to get an upgraded video card, and possibly a PC card too because I think the 5.25" drive indicates it used to have one. Can't wait to start working on it, I'm really excited to finally have my hands on an Amiga!
  14. Traded an OSI Challenger 4p that was an Apple 2 competitor, and an Osborne 1 for an Amiga 2000 setup the other day. I'm hoping I can run Mac OS on it and possibly find the card that lets you run dos on it too. As it sits I have the Amiga 2000 with dual 3.5" floppy drives and a 5.25" drive that's not hooked up, the 2002 monitor that's working great, keyboard, rather ugly mouse, 68030 accelerator, and a scsi controller with dead Quantum hard drive attached.
  15. Yeah, I saw that, I think I'm definitely going to try that or I saw another way to use an arduino and a pc floppy I got it from a prop guy in upstate NY actually. No idea on the story of how it got here. Thanks for the history on it, very interesting!
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