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  1. Hmmm yeah I think you’re right. I’ll go down the route of creating a specific network.
  2. That’s a good question, it’s a Virgin Media router nothing fancy, with a 2.4ghz and 5ghz network (I’m connected to the 2.4ghz). I’m wondering whether you’re right and the encryption is just too new for the older machine. I could try adding a very old router in the DMZ and seeing what that does, perhaps.
  3. Hey all, Not been around for a while, but got back to playing with my PowerBook 2400c and ran into a wall trying to get the networking going. So... I have a 2400c running 9.2.2 (OldWorldSupport version). It’s modded to support CardBus and I have a Lucent WaveLAN Turbo Silver card installed. I’m running the Orinoco drivers and software for it. The card is recognised, the software sees my network and connects, there’s decent signal strength and it looks genuine as it wavers a little and looks like real reception. The problem is that is just won’t pick up
  4. Nice!! Now I just want to do it with an eMate Thanks for the positive support.
  5. Hey all, I'm thinking about using a Classic Mac running MacTerminal (or similar) with the mini din-8 serial port adapter-d to an RS-232 port which is in turn adapter-d to USB. I think I can then bring this in to a TTY device on a 10.x running MacBook and send the terminal output to it. Has anyone seen/done similar? Any total blockers?
  6. OK, some good news I got a new MLB/Port door/Keyboard/PRAM battery from a very kind person on here. I put the logic board in tonight and my SSD started showing up. The RAM still just reads 32Mb of the 64Mb on it so I'm going to put that down to a faulty module maybe. In terms of the PRAM battery I found that the original machine had NO PRAM battery fitted at all! So now I have one I will add it. Which leads me to a question... The PRAM cable has 2 soldered ends, any idea where I should solder them?
  7. Hi, has anyone had any luck using a 3Com Megahertz Ethernet card model 3CXFE575CT on OS9 is a 2400c?
  8. Any idea what shipping to the UK might be? I am *interested*
  9. @james_w Get it out and test it! I'm going to try to make mine a daily driver
  10. Thanks, that's good info and encouraging. Just to confirm do you think that a faulty PRAM battery/connection might aka the IDE bus? I'll do some dismantling and cleaning tonight and see what happens.
  11. Hey, Got a follow up status report, and need some advice. I upgraded the memory chip, from what I believed was 32Mb to 64Mb. Turns out it was already a 64Mb that showed up as 32. Hmmm so I changed it anyway. When I test booted out still shows as 32Mb. I also fitted the SSD, turns out there’s an IBM/Hitachi 10Gb travelstar in there already. I took it out and tested it and it works fine in a USB caddy on a TiBook. :( It wasn’t held in by anything other than the IDE connector, screws missing it seemed, so I replaced those. I put the SSD in there just to see what I got,
  12. These people are in the UK, but international postage for such a light component should be reasonable: https://www.applemacparts.co.uk
  13. That's great info, thank you! Regarding CardBus mod, the Orinoco card is running and working so I assume that means this has already been performed?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm a new member, though I've been a vintage Mac collector for many years. Most of my collection has come and gone and currently due to space limitations I'm focused on some specific portable models I like. I recently got a lovely PowerBook 2400c/180 on eBay that is in good shape but needs some love. I have a few questions I thought people might be able to help with... 1. OS Choice - It currently boots from a CF Card/PCMCIA adapter running 9.1. I've a soft spot for 7.6.1 but I understand that the 9.2.x update, using OS9 Helper, has some great improvements
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