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  1. Yes, we have. I've even had some issues that seem to be cap related on my original G4 DA board. The backup board that's in the computer right now seems fine. -J
  2. I'm pretty sure my 9800 Pro can be dropped down to 8-bit color. The single processor will help while running 9. When my old MDD had the dual 1 GHz processor module in it, if I ran 9.2.2, the fans were full-speed. After I swapped to the single 1 GHz module, it became bearable. Granted, mine had the early 400 watt power supply with the noisier fans. It won't be as quiet as a Digital Audio, but shouldn't be too bad, as long as the computer is under the desk. Anyway, nice score. Personally, I'd go ahead and have a partition with 10.4.11 or 10.5.8 on there, just for those times when yo
  3. It's likely just the Macintosh SE PC 5.25 floppy interface card. One of my SE's had one. Now, CelGen has it in his collection. Traded for the Nubus version. IIRC, Maceffects Marc has the drive for sale on his evilBay account. -J
  4. volvo242gt

    Apple IIGS

    Just copy the files to a folder on your Mac's hard drive. Then, try nuking and repaving as ProDOS again. If I remember correctly, System 7 can do so with the PC Exchange control panel installed. -J
  5. volvo242gt

    Apple IIGS

    Dude, ya scored big time. The VOC is EXTREMELY rare. More so than the Apple II 3.5" drive controller card used for the external SuperDrive. Anyway, yes, the CFFA3000 works in any slotted II. If you're not a member of the Apple II Enthusiasts FB group, join up. I'm over there, as is Cosmo, and I think a couple other 68kmla'ers... -J
  6. The A2M6014 does pop up from time to time on evilBay. Two were listed either last week or the week before. -J
  7. The parts IIgs works. Either a bad PS or a bad power switch. Put the other power supply in and was greeted with the usual *dernk* startup chime. Computer even has a properly working BRAM battery (same thing as a Mac's PRAM battery, just called a BRAM battery in the IIgs world). So, yeah, TechKnight, looks like it's that. The rest of the machine seems to be fine. Reinstalled the GS-RAM Plus and moved the SoftCard over. The chassis of both machines is in the same cosmetic condition, so I just swapped lids between the two. The other machine will be receiving a ROM 3 board and donating its
  8. It is safe. Just turns the computer into a 512Ke. Which means, if you so choose, you can replace the 400K drive with an 800K unit and run up to System 6.0.8. -J
  9. Something like a late model SE with an ethernet card would do wonders. Could actually do everything on the SE, then transfer the formatted and system software equipped drive to the Plus. Just have to make sure that the SCSI ID isn't set to 0 when the drive is connected to the SE. -J
  10. Case in point, I had my old Inspiron 8600 slide out of my car when I opened up one of the doors. Landed on the parking lot. Picked it up, hit the power button, and it booted as if nothing happened. Continued to work fine for two more years until I sold it. Last I heard, it's working fine for the current owner as well. -J
  11. The Apple software was MacroMaker. Set it up so the "F8" key on my original IIsi's AEK II would turn the volume up to max, then back to the normal volume level. Speaker was notorious for cutting in and out. Every subsequent IIsi I've owned, however, has not had that problem. -J
  12. 10.6.x, if I remember correctly. That said, my Macbook reads floppies using the LaCie USB floppy drive I have for it and the G4, but won't write to it, esssentially acting as if the disk is locked. -J
  13. Another idea... Pick up a power supply for a Quadra 650 or Power Macintosh 7100. Same basic unit, but much newer and more power. It's a drop-in upgrade for a IIcx, IIci, or Quadra 700. -J
  14. ^That'd be my guess as well. Began to suspect that the /// I owned had RAM issues. -J
  15. I seem to remember similar issues with my ///, even without access to software. It'd throw garbled characters on the screen. Even did the Apple-recommended chip reseating procedure (take it out ot a concrete floor and drop it from a foot above). But, yeah, I'd consider ordering an actual disk. -J
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