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  1. Rummaging through the server room at my job I found a Macintosh portable, and the accompanying case for it. Cosmetically this thing is nearly mint. I let it sit on a shelf in my office for some time but yesterday I decided to try and fire it up. I plugged in the AC adaptor, threw out the old 9v battery and attempted to start it. The SCSI disk would spin up, down, up down, etc... Read up on the topic and noticed that this machine truly requires a good battery to properly function as in it needs the battery's VA to spin up the SCSI disk and power the floppy. So I found some cells to
  2. Ding! Wrong bus! Now getting 60MB/s Thanks johnklos!
  3. Ahh yes I might have it on the wrong bus! I'll check that out - thanks!
  4. I suppose I should update this thread. I finally got around to making my MDD a storage server & DLNA streamer for my PS3. I found that newegg has kingwin IDE to SATA adapters that had good reviews. I picked up two adapters, and two 500GB SATA hard drives for under $100. The hard drives plus adapters won't fit in the original space - period. I probably should've known this but I thought there would at least be an inch... not so much. So I decided to run the G4 without an optical drive. This setup is working fine - and the adapters make the drive show up as an IDE drive (
  5. I just picked up a decent Dual 867 MDD G4 at goodwill for $75. I figured I can make this into a decent file server. I actually have a copy of Leopard server I might throw on it, but it has leopard client on it right now. Anyway - I'm thinking of turning this into a file server & media player. I think the max storage I'll need is probably 500GB. 1) I would guess the MDD supports LBA IDE drives, correct? 2) IDE drives top out at 500GB or so - why? 3) Would it be a good idea to get a SATA card and run SATA drives? What's the advantage? TIA!
  6. Is there any way to fix a dim display on my 1710? I'd love to use it with one of my DTV->VGA boxes. Full brightness isn't very bright...
  7. nevermind - something poped in the PSU - must be a fuse....
  8. I <3 my 16/600 It's always on and prints from any computer on my network... Toner is cheap too!
  9. It powers on and beeps... YAY!
  10. pics!! Motherboard: RAM Upgrade card: Found this inside too... no idea... PSU... Enclosed in... (WTF?!?) Empty case:
  11. I found out last night it is a 256k model. I will investigate further next week
  12. Thanks for the comments. If I ever get desperate for some cash it might go on ebay... I'm planning on taking it apart, cleaning it and then snapping a few pictures next week. This case is a behemoth!
  13. Got an apple III from ISU's surplus for $15 No idea if it works Kind of dirty Anyone knows anything about these? Any interesting things i can do with it? I have no software for it.
  14. wood_e

    Proformance 3

    Not sure what all to do with it... maybe I'll put it in my G3 MT
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