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  1. Nice you like it, we are trying to install the original System 1.0 but actually we have problems with the compiler that creates the final web version. It does not accept our new created .dsk image. We are working on that and i let you know as soon as possible when we have the original System 1.0 with creation date 24. January 1984 :b&w: online running. Yes, it amazingly works on iPad, iPhone and Android phones - i will crate a version that opens in another, smaller frame than the desktop version to have it fullscreen on the mobile phones. Sadly the click and mouse movement is reduc
  2. Hi, nice you like it. We just got it running in the last days - it was tricky and i did not coded this crazy thing. It works with an emulator called http://www.hampa.ch/pce/pce-macplus.html and a portation of this emulator to the browser. Wicked hacker stuff. Please share it with your Mac Friends and at facebook - this thing is brandew (3 hours).
  3. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer on January 24, 2014 we launch a System 1.1 online emulation. This Macintosh System 1.1 emulation is a homage to the most innovative operating system in computer history. The emulation offers a complete "System 1" on a 1984 Macintosh 1 bit, black and white display. Please visit http://myoldmac.net/system1/ Usage: On the page click the "Test drive Macintosh System 1" link and wait about 30 seconds until Macintosh System 1 is completely loaded. If you're having trouble double clicking, trying slowing down your taps to about one
  4. Dear OldMac Users, i have relaunched my 68k Software Depot at http://myoldmac.net/software/ I have added the first 200 applications, mostly legendary ones. I add more in the next weeks, please sign up to the RSS to stay up to date. The myoldmac FAQ section has also new content, mostly for the Apple Lisa at http://myoldmac.net/FAQ/index.htm Yours, Oliver
  5. Hello my dear ol' fans! It's me, your good ol' buddy from the past: Q-bert! I know Arcadegame Heroes from the 80ties like I am have seen better days but now I am back! And I started my first blog to keep you guys updated of my trips all over the world and further galaxies. I have seen many countries on this dark & damp planet and many stories must be told. So don't hesitate and check my travel blog here, hosted at pongmuseum.com: http://q-bert.pongmuseum.com Please sign up for my newsletter or bookmark my RSS feed to stay updated. Yours, Q-bert
  6. Nice - nice.. A good date - The Macintosh get 25 years on 24. January 2009. I will do something with my Macintosh 1984 See You Soon! Oliver
  7. Thank you for the tip. I will check out what german suppliers have to offer.
  8. Edit - Thank you Gary - seems I do not have a IIsi ROM. To sad - but the IIfx ROM is running aswell.
  9. It turns out my IIsi ROM SIMM is an original MacSE/30 ROM SIMM? The Error Code it produces is 000000C 000000F I have´nt checked the meaning yet. Because the ROM does not boot the system and is identical in the markings as the original SE/30 ROM SIMM I pulled out of my MacSE/30 maybe I bought an IIsi with a swaped ROM SIMM and I got the dirty ROM. Does anyone have a ROM-SIMM from a Mac IIsi to check my version? Edit - Thank you Gary - seems I do not have a IIsi ROM. To sad - but the IIfx ROM is running aswell.
  10. Gues what... Leaking Caps... All capacitors where leaking but I could clean the board using spiritus alcohol and now it boots up nicely - I even get the screen jumping away But strange - the IIsi ROM did not boot the patched System 8.1 - there was NO Simasi effect as reported but after two seconds I got a blackMac with an Error Code (I did no remember the code...). After re-adding the IIfx ROM SIMM I am back to Simasi for 3 seconds but after that MacOS 8.1 boots quite fast. I will add the IIsi ROM back to see the Error Code again - maybe I get some more infos why the IIsi ROM
  11. Having my IIfx ROM SIMM in front of me: 4 ROM Chips labled with KM23C101 0G-12 9101 341$07.. 81 (82,83,84) different numbers on the Chips! and a copyright by Apple 1990. On the bottom under the Chips: U1 U2 U3 U4 Its a "army dark" green card, 64-pinner On the back side: SAMSUNG KMM532128RP-01 103 SM 341-0811 94-VO This one was installed in my MacSE/30 - on the stratup it crates the SimasiMac for 5 seconds then starting the patched 8.1. Sadly now after booting it up after a year it restarts often and shows the Simasi the hole time... welcome SimasiMac..
  12. At www.apple-history.com I found Do you think I can add a 25 MHz 68030 processor to speed it up ?
  13. Hi, this says http://lowendmac.com/ii/macintosh-iisi.html at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_IIsi As you say Franklinstein I need to get a faster clock crystal. Hum... where can I get that one...
  14. Having my IIsi ROM SIMM in front of me: 4 ROM Chips labled with a big VLSI and a copyright by Apple 1988. On top left corner labled with "Apple Computer" and marks for the different ROMS: LL ML MH ROM.HH On the bottom under the Chips: RAM A 512K ROM SIMM B ROM ROM C 030-4339 D Its a green card, 64-pinner On the back side: APPLE COMPUTER 820-0241-02 1988
  15. Having my IIsi ROM SIMM in front of me: ... edit 3 days later: my IIsi ROM seems to be a swaped MacSE/30 original ROm - to sad...
  16. I searched for an hour and did not find anything about the Trick to "clock chip" my Macintosh IIsi so it has the full 25 MHz (or even 40 MHz?) performance that is inside the board. Does anyone knows more about speeding the Mac IIsi ?
  17. Thank you for the infos, I will open the 512k and try to adjust the screen. Get back to you later.
  18. Hi Folks, I have a Mac 512k with a spoiled desktop on the screen. The Trash Corner is lower than the left lower corner and the corners are unsharp while the center is sharp. Is the problem the display itself and can I use any tube from the classic line to swap the old display tube? So can I look for any defect Classic Mac to save my 512K? greetings, MacOS - http://www.myoldmac.net
  19. I was very busy at work so my RetroChallenge had to sleep for some days. But yesterday a package from USA arrived: My Apple //e has now a DualROM Adapter and the keyboard has a new cable. Have a look to http://myoldmac.net/share/RetroChallenge2008_summer.php
  20. The Signatures... See a scan of the original signed paper used to embed the signatures of the developer team in the Mac 1984. http://myoldmac.net/share/RC08_s/unboxing_macintosh1984.php
  21. An AppleInsider told me - it has not been proved by any apple officials Maybe a saga. Does someone have a Macintosh 1984 without the signatures?
  22. Hi Geeks, thank you for the info - my Apple //c that i compared with the prototype is really an European version and the keyboard seems not to be a prototype - its the northern American layout. I correct that in the page.
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