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  1. Hi all, My iMac G3's CD-ROM is struggling to eject CDs, I have to grab the partially ejected CD and yank it out before it inserts itself again. I thought about replacing it with another drive, but I've came across this guide, and I'm wondering if it would be any help to me? also, concerning the guide, I'm not sure if it's good idea to microwave a rubber band in water at 115ºC. The water will be boiling and I'm afraid that the rubber band would melt...
  2. Yeah, you're right, I don't think I'm going to buy another iMac for parts because it might get broken aswell, therefore I think I'll resort to searching local markets for a defective iMacs or maybe travel to Vienna or other places in Austria near the border with Slovakia. Do you happen to know by any change how was this part called officially?
  3. My iMac G3 had arrived today and when I unpacked it, I've noticed some beige plastic around the VGA and RAM lids, I took it out. Then I noticed that the bottom left CRT holder is cracked and there's a screw visible, I opened the iMac and while I was opening it more and more beige plastic pieces started to fall out of the iMac. The bottom plastic case was a bit stuck, but at the end, the beige plastic had snapped and released the right part of the white bottom case. Also, the CRT doesn't fit perfectly with the front panel, there is a small space between the monitor glass and the plastic case.
  4. Hi everyone, I thank all of you for your help, the seller didn’t want to discuss the price so I didn’t buy it. I shall look out for better SE/30 deals.
  5. oh yes, we have local marketplace application/website, there are sometimes vintage Macs but they don't have good enough quality for fulfilling what I'm in search of (that's also how I got one of my Mac CC's, which was actually decent). And facebook marketplace... I've heard about it, is it any good? I've never been familiar with it.
  6. Yeah, you’re probably right, speaking of other marketplaces, can you recommend me some? European craigslist is quite unfruitful... I don’t know any other marketplaces.
  7. Thanks for help I’ll try to dispute with the seller but if he doesn’t change his mind, I’m not gonna buy it. But yes, you’re right about waiting, I too browsed eBay for a while until I found my Mac Plus.
  8. So, the seller responded to my complaint about the price: but I'm not ready to give up the SE/30 yet, can you give me reasons why it's not worth the price? Because I don't have enough knowledge to definitely say why it's not worth the price, the best I can tell the seller is that I've bought a working Mac Plus with all the original peripherals + a SCSI hard disk and a box of diskettes for 280€...
  9. yeah, either way I choose, I'll have to dispute with the seller. You're right about the shipping, iMac G3's have a quite an unfit shape for shipping outside of original boxes, but I'm kind of willing to risk it. Either way again I'll have to message the seller to pack it carefully even with instructions if need be. That brings me to the question, do you have some packaging tips for packing up iMac G3 or a Compact Mac?
  10. hmm, alright, I'm in kind of a dilemma, on one hand I can try getting this Mac SE/30 (Which I won't be able to repair immediately due to the current events) on the other hand I've also found a working iMac G3 indigo for 300€ in Germany and I can't quite decide which should I buy, other factor to consider is shipping, Germany seems a little bit closer to Slovakia than Italy, I'm mainly worried about this because I've ordered a Mac CC from France and the analog board and the diskette drive got slightly damaged during the shipment.
  11. oh, well, I asked the seller if I can see some pics of insides anyways... I'm gonna send him another message on how to open a Mac.
  12. Hmm, I can't get pics of the insides, unfortunately, because the seller probably doesn't have a long torx screwdriver. I'll try to dispute the price with the seller, what price do you suggest?
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